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You want the best teeth whitening kit available, right? The whole point of using a home kit is to save money while getting the same results that a professional treatment delivers. There are many options available when it comes to tooth whitening kits, but they are not all created equally.

From the various concentrations of carbamide peroxide to the facilities they are manufactured in and their country or origin. There is a big difference between the cheap kits available on Amazon and the best teeth whitening kit you can purchase directly from Sexy Smile Kit.

There is no question that Sexy Smile Kit is one of the top rated home teeth whitening kits. If you take a minute to read our reviews you will see that this home tooth whitening kit delivers results. They mirror what professional treatments deliver that cost thousands of dollars.

What makes Sexy Smile Kit the best teeth whitening kit? There are several reasons. Read below to find out why it’s the best choice if you want to experience amazing results.

The Best Teeth Whitening Kit for Results

When it comes to tooth whitening results, Sexy Smile Kit delivers. When you read through our reviews, you will see that a majority of customers see noticeable results after a few days of treatments. Some even report that they saw big changes after just a single treatment.

The whitening gel formula was developed by dental experts to remove the most difficult stains and aging in the shortest amount of time. All without causing severe tooth and gum sensitivity that other products tend to do.

A single tooth whitening session with Sexy Smile Kit is designed to only take 15 minutes a day. For added convenience, the LED light will automatically shut off when the treatment is finished. Seven days in total in all it takes to whiten your smile when you use this product. The results alone make this the best teeth whitening kit available.

The Best Teeth Whitening Kit for the Price

The teeth whitening cost charged by dental offices is much higher than home kits. The overall price of teeth whitening is all over the map. This creates a lot of consumer confusion and raises a lot of questions.

How much does it cost to get your teeth whitened? It depends on what option you go with. If you get your teeth whitened at a dentist you can expect to pay anywhere between $650 to $3,500 or more depending on what treatment and what options you go with.

A home kit, on the other hand, is much more affordable.

The Most Convenient Home Whitening Option

It’s no secret that most professional teeth whitening services are very expensive. This is the main reason why many consumers look for a more affordable at-home option. But, the convenience of whitening your teeth at home rather than having to visit a dental office is another added bonus.

With Sexy Smile Kit you can whiten and brighten your smile from the comfort of your home, at a time each day that is convenient for you and works with your schedule. It’s a good idea to do the whitening treatment at the same time daily to remain consistent and ensure you don’t skip a day.

best teeth whitening kit
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Most users will either do their 15 minute tooth whitening application first thing in the morning while they get ready for their day, or in the evening while getting ready for bed. The key is to pick a time that you can consistently do for the full seven days.

It’s also important that you don’t eat or drink anything that will stain your teeth for a few hours after finishing the treatment. For this reason, doing it before you go to sleep at night is the more popular choice.

See Why Consumers Love Sexy Smile Kit

When someone is looking for the best teeth whitening product and solution their number one goal is the end result. This is until they realize that the cost of tooth whitening can vary greatly. Dental offices charge thousands of dollars and some kits can be purchased online for less than $20.

That is a major discrepancy between services and products. Some key facts to keep in mind:

  • Dentists have to mark up their services and products extremely high because of their overhead. While they technically could do a teeth whitening treatment for $100 or less, the patient is going to come in and occupy one of their chairs for a period of time. In order to run a profitable dental office they need to charge higher rates.
  • E-commerce marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart that allow anyone to be a third-party seller have little to no quality control. Sure, you might be able to find a cheap teeth whitening kit, but you don’t know who manufactured it, where it was manufactured and if it was done so in a safe and controlled environment.

Sexy Smile Kit is the best teeth whitening kit because you get dentist quality teeth whitening results at a very affordable price. And right now is the best time to pick up the best teeth whitening kit available.

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Grab the best teeth whitening kit on sale, and watch your smile transform. A whiter smile is an instant confidence booster, and Sexy Smile Kit delivers the best teeth brightening results in a convenient and affordable at-home kit.

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