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What is the best teeth whitening product available? There is certainly no shortage of options. They can be found online being sold direct-to-consumer, available on the big online retailers like Walmart and Amazon, as well as in physical retail locations.

Pharmacies such as Walgreens and CVS sell teeth whitening products. Most grocery stores have tooth whitening kits available for sale in the health and beauty aisle. Oral health is a big business and that means there are a lot of choices. In order to identify the best teeth whitening product available it’s a good idea to understand all of the available options.

How to Find the Best Teeth Whitening Product

There are several options when it comes to improving the shade your teeth. This creates a lot of confusion when it comes time to make a final purchase decision. In the end, the final result is what is the most desirable: whiter teeth. There are two main options:

Professional Teeth Whitening: This is done at a dentist, and they have many teeth bleaching options available. From multi-visit whitening sessions to custom molded trays and LED light treatments, the average teeth whitening dentist cost is very high.

Professional Teeth Whitening Kits: These can be the best teeth whitening products as long as you use the right one. The results are on par with what you get at the dentist, but at a small fraction of the cost. The best home kits come with everything you need to easily whiten your teeth in a matter of days.

How to Pick the Best Teeth Whitening Product to Use

When selecting the best teeth whitening product to use, you want to take a lot of things into consideration. The current condition of your teeth, your oral health history, the end result you desire as well as the amount of money you want to spend.

There are so many different home kits on the market. Here are some things to consider when evaluating the different at-home tooth whitening products available to purchase online and in retail stores.

The Strength of the Product

Most at-home products contain carbamide peroxide. The higher the level of carbamide peroxide, the faster and more effective the gel is at removing stains and whitening the teeth. It’s also important to understand that the higher the strength, the greater the chance of experiencing some sensitivity issues.

The Treatment Timeline

Many products will have different application times. Some may be 10 minutes and others are upwards of 30 minutes. For comparison sake, Sexy Smile Kit is a daily 15-minute application and a typical treatment is 7 days. Since it’s portable it makes fitting in 15 minutes very convenient for any schedule.

Your Commitment Level

If you want the best teeth whitening result you need to not only use the best teeth whitening product, but you also have to be fully committed. You cannot expect to get great results if you don’t do the daily treatments for the full period of time or skip days. Sexy Smile Kit makes it easy to stay committed throughout the entire process, requiring just fifteen minutes daily for a week.

The Condition of Your Teeth

A home teeth whitening kit will only be effective on natural teeth. It’s not going to work on veneers, fillings, caps, crowns, etc. Some products make the false claim that they do work, but the consumers that believe those false claims are quickly disappointed.

Your Budget for the Best Teeth Whitening Kit

The price for at-home kits is all over the map. There are some kits listed for sale for less than $20 and then there are some that cost several hundred dollars. You don’t need to spend a fortune, but you also want to avoid buying an oral care product from a no-name seller. The good news is Sexy Smile Kit is currently running a 50% off promotion, giving you access to the best teeth whitening product at an all-time low affordable price.

best teeth whitening
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Buy from a Trusted Brand for the Best Teeth Whitening Results

There are several no-name brands and sellers offering home tooth whitening products. Anytime you are buying a healthcare product like this you want to make sure it’s manufactured by a company you trust.

A tooth whitening product is something that you are going to place in your mouth. It contains a chemical whitening gel formula. Don’t risk your health and safety to save a few dollars. Buy from a trusted brand like Sexy Smile Kit® to ensure you use the best teeth whitening product. All of our oral health products are manufactured in an FDA approved facility.

What is the Best Teeth Whitening Product for Your Teeth?

The best product will work for a wide range of consumers and their tooth whitening needs. Sexy Smile Kit delivers outstanding results and is the best teeth whitening option for the following conditions:

Sensitive Teeth

Some consumers report teeth and gum sensitivity while using some products. Sexy Smile Kit features a very powerful teeth whitening gel formula that is designed to remove stains while not causing sensitivity issues. It’s important to apply a thin layer of the gel on your teeth during the application. Using too much will cause it to sit on your gums. The majority of users report seeing noticeable results after just a couple days.

Minor Whitening Maintenance

If your teeth are fairly white and you just want to maintain that bright smile and prevent staining, using the kit for maintenance treatments is very effective. After the initial treatment, you can do spot applications when you want. Sexy Smile Kit comes with enough extra whitening gel for many maintenance applications.

Mild Teeth Staining

You don’t have to wait for heavy staining before you use a teeth whitening kit. With mild teeth staining you are going to see results very quickly. Some users report stopping their initial treatment after just a few days when the staining isn’t severe.

Heavy Teeth Staining

Some consumers wait until their teeth are in bad shape and heavily stained. They often ask, “is teeth whitening covered by insurance?” because they assume only a professional treatment at a dental office can help remove the harsh stains. Our top rated and best teeth whitening kit works well to remove even the heaviest staining caused by soda, coffee, tobacco use, etc.

What to Look for In the Best Teeth Whitening Product

Here are a few more common questions that people have when it comes to finding the best home teeth whitening system.

How Quickly Will I See Noticeable Results?

How quickly you see results will vary from one system to the next. There are some low quality products that really never deliver on their claims, while a top quality dentist approved teeth whitening kit will deliver noticeable results in a matter of days.

Sexy Smile Kit is a 7 day treatment, consisting of 15-minute daily applications. Some users report noticeable changes in how white their teeth are after the first day. The majority of users will see noticeable results after the second or third day.

How Often Do I Have to Use the Kit?

Every product is different and they should clearly say how long it should be used in order to achieve the desired outcome. Always refer to the instructions that come with the product to determine how often it needs to be used. Our kit is very simple and easy to use: it only requires 15 minutes daily for a period of seven days to complete a full tooth whitening treatment.

How Long Will My Teeth Stay White?

This will vary greatly depending on your aftercare and your personal habits when it comes to what you eat and drink. Someone that doesn’t drink wine or coffee is going to see his or her results last longer than someone that drinks multiple cups of coffee daily and has a couple glasses of red wine in the evenings.

Maintenance and upkeep plays a big role in this. Touchup and maintenance applications can be done every few weeks or every couple of months. It all depends on your lifestyle and how white you want to keep your teeth.

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