How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last

Many consumers ask how long does teeth whitening last prior to paying for a professional service from their dentist or buying a home kit. There isn’t a cookie-cutter answer that will apply to everyone.

It really depends on several factors, both in terms of the type of whitening service used and certain characteristics and habits of the consumer. We are going to break down and explain several things that directly impact how long teeth whitening lasts.

This information should allow you to make an educated guess based on your specific situation. In addition to explaining how long teeth whitening lasts we will help educate you on the several different options available to improve your teeth.

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last: Professional Teeth Bleaching

Many people opt to get their teeth whitened by their regular dentist. Why? It’s often a combination of two reasons.

They assume that the tooth whitening formula found at a dental office is going to be stronger and more effective than what can be purchased online for a fraction of the cost.

Second, when they ask their dentist, they are told that the home DIY kits aren’t as good. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. The dentist is trying to keep the business, and cosmetic treatments have the largest profit margins for them

Strength of the Whitening Gel

The whitening gel used at the dentist can range anywhere between 15% and 43% carbamide. Some will go on the lower side because they want to sell several treatments, therefore making more money per client.

Even if they are using the highest concentrate it doesn’t mean it’s a stronger whitening serum. Our teeth whitening kit comes in at the highest carbamide percentage, giving our customers the strongest at home formula available. This ensures fast long-term whitening results.

Personal Habits and Lifestyle Contribute to How Long Teeth Whitening Lasts

After an office teeth bleaching appointment the dentist should educate you about upkeep. This includes the common foods and beverages that will stain and quickly diminish your tooth whitening results.

The food you eat and the beverages you drink also play a role. Several things from coffee and wine to pasta sauce will stain your teeth. If they are doing several sessions you would want to avoid eating these foods in between.

Eating or drinking the wrong things can quickly reverse the results. That’s not good because they cost an incredible amount of money.

High Cost for Frequent Maintenance

The cost for teeth bleaching at a dentist is 10 to 20 times higher than a DIY teeth whitening kit. Then, if you require maintenance you can see the costs skyrocket and spiral out of control.

Be fully aware of what financial costs are involved in not only the initial whitening procedure, but also the maintenance and touch up appointments as well. They can quickly add up and you will see your total cost begin to snowball out of control.

how long does teeth whitening last
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How Long Does Tooth Whitening Last: Home Teeth Whitening Kit

The other option is a home teeth whitening product. How long does teeth whitening last when you use a home kit? Longer than you might think actually. Sexy Smile Kit is formulated to deliver long-lasting teeth whitening results and we also include extra whitening gel in every kit.

This allows our customers to do another treatment down the line or use it for regular maintenance and spot treatments. All for one very low price.

Strongest Tooth Whitening Gel Formula

While mentioned above, it’s important to be fully aware that the dental whitening procedures don’t use a stronger gel. In fact, the carbamide percentage in Sexy Smile Kit is as strong as the most advanced gel that is used by dental offices.

You get the maximum strength you will find at a dentist for a small fraction of the cost. A home whitening kit also allows you to treat your teeth in the comfort of your own home when it’s best convenient for you.

We offer the strongest and fastest teeth whitening kit available, both online and in retail big box stores. You will not find a home kit that produces longer lasting teeth whitening results.

Also Depends on Personal Habits and Lifestyle

The same variables that impact the amount of time teeth whitening lasts when done by a dentist apply to a home DIY kit. The foods and drinks consumed along with typical aftercare like flossing and brushing all come into play.

Low Cost with Maintenance and Upkeep Included

The biggest advantage of a home DIY teeth whitening kit has over a dentist treatment is the cost. Not only is the initial treatment much lower (at the bare minimum it’s 90% cheaper and in most cases it’s even more substantial), but so is the upkeep.

When you go back to your dentist for additional treatments, upkeep and touch ups you are going to be changed. This typically consists of a visit charge and then the cost of the treatment.

This should clearly explain why they will often use a lower strength tooth whitening serum. It allows them to stretch the treatment over several visits, each one billable.

Our teeth whitening kit is affordable. It comes with enough whitening gel for additional applications down the line to touch up and maintain your new white and bright smile.

Buy a Long Lasting Tooth Whitening Kit

Sexy Smile Kit is often regarded as the best product for whitening teeth at home because of its price and long-lasting results. So, when you ask how long does teeth whitening last, we can tell you that you will not find a longer lasting option available.

Our home whitening kit is designed to deliver smile enhancing results that you are able to enjoy for a long period of time. After your initial tooth whitening treatment it’s a good idea to consider doing a full treatment every few months if you want to maintain a consistent white smile.

With the low cost of Sexy Smile Kit we make that very easy to accomplish.


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