How Much is Teeth Whitening

How much is teeth whitening? That’s not an easy question to answer without explaining the different options available and why their prices are extremely different. Teeth whitening cost at a dentist is always going to be the most expensive option.

There are some dental offices that offer it as an add-on service that they offer their patients and then there are some cosmetic dental offices that have several different options. In the end, these procedures don’t do anything that you cannot do on your own using a top rated teeth whitening kit.

How Much is Teeth Whitening at a Dentist?

The prices that dentists charge are all over the map. The teeth whitening services that dental offices offer range from basic single visit bleaching sessions to multi-visit procedures that introduce a higher strength whitening gel each time.

On the very low end, a teeth bleaching session can run around $650 for a single visit. A multi-application program can run several thousand dollars. So, how much is teeth whitening? When it comes to professional options available at a dentist, it varies. There are many different factors to take into consideration that all contribute to the high cost.

Why Dental Offices Charge More

The tooth whitening services offered by dental offices is nothing groundbreaking. They use the same peroxide whitening agents found in the best at-home kits. Most also use LED light as a way to accelerate the gel and its effect on the teeth.

The process and technology used by dentists isn’t different than most home whitening kits, so why is the price so much higher? It comes down to the cost of doing business. A dental office has high overhead costs.

They have a lot of staff, from dentists and assistants to receptionists. They also have office rent, utilities, marketing, advertising, etc. Maximizing each visit is a priority. While they could charge a couple hundred dollars for the service it would not be the best use of that appointment slot.

The Results Aren’t Better Than Home Kits

When consumers ask how much is teeth whitening at a dentist and learn how expensive it is many figure that it’s a more advanced service. Or that the results are better. They are not. The higher price is due to the cost of doing business. It has nothing to do with the actual treatment technology or the results.

Knowing that the results are no different doesn’t it make sense to use a high quality home kit? You can get the same quality results and save money.

how much is teeth whitening
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How Much is Teeth Whitening at Home?

The cost using a DIY kit varies depending on where you buy it and the quality of the product. In retail stores you can find kits priced anywhere from $60 to $200. Online you can find them from $20 to $200.

There are hundreds of options available, but only a handful of reputable oral care brands that sell teeth whitening kits. If you look on Walmart and Amazon you will find many third-party sellers that offer unbranded and generic teeth whitening kits at very low prices.

There are some questions you need to ask yourself. Who are these sellers? Where are they getting their inventory? Are the kits they are selling expired? Who were they manufactured by? A teeth whitening kit is an oral care device. Do you really want to put something that you know nothing about in your mouth?

No, you should not.

Save Money & Get the Same Results

You can get a high quality teeth whitening kit for less than $100 and get the same results that you would pay thousands of dollars for at a dentist. Make sure you use a kit that has great reviews and has a long history of manufacturing a top quality tooth whitening product.

You know what you are getting when you use a home kit. There are no surprise charges. It’s a small one-time charge. Unlike services offered by dentists, which are inconsistent.

The prices that dentists advertise and quote for teeth whitening are not consistent. Someone looking for teeth whitening in Houston might be quoted something completely different than someone inquiring about teeth whitening in Chicago.

It’s a More Convenient Teeth Whitening Option

With a do-it-yourself whitening kit you have complete control over when you do the whitening applications. You never have to leave your house for an appointment. Simply determine whether first thing in the morning or at the end of the day in the evening is more convenient.

Dedicate about 15 minutes a day for a week to your whitening applications and watch the shade of your teeth transform, resulting in a much whiter smile right before your eyes.

How Much is Teeth Whitening Using Sexy Smile Kit?

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Experience the best home kit for less than 10% of what the cheapest dental bleaching procedure would cost you. So, how much is teeth whitening with the best home product available? It’s more affordable than you thought.

Still not convinced? Take a minute to read some of the reviews that past customers have left about their experience using Sexy Smile Kit. You will not find a higher quality product at such a consumer friendly price point.

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