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Sexy Smile Kit® is the best home teeth whitening kit. It is 100% safe and helps you achieve a brighter and whiter smile. Each kit includes a special teeth whitening light with batteries, 10 teeth whitening gel tubes, 2 mouth trays, a teeth whitening shade guide and complete instructions. Sexy Smile Kit® is formulated by dental experts and used by celebrities and models worldwide.

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Sexy Smile Kit® Teeth Whitening Kit

Our teeth whitening kit includes everything you need to whiten your teeth at home. With ten syringes of teeth whitening gel included with each Sexy Smile Kit® you get multiple applications. This allows you to maintain your new white and bright smile for several months.

This teeth whitening kit is featured in many online media outlets and popular websites. We offer the best value teeth whitening kit. The price is affordable and the kit includes plenty of teeth whitening gel for multiple applications. This is great for teeth whitening maintenance.

Each Sexy Smile Kit® includes our LED light, batteries for the teeth whitening LED light, two teeth whitening mouth trays and ten syringes of our powerful teeth whitening gel.

The formula is made of 44% carbamide peroxide. Also, it comes with a teeth whitening shade guide and instructions.

We don’t use gimmicks like USB kits that plug into a cell phone or pay celebrities to advertise our whitening kit. That would just increase the cost for you, our customer.

Great teeth whitening results are due to the teeth whitening gel, and ours is the best available. With our LED light and whitening gel you will experience the best at home teeth whitening results available.

The Best Option Available

Do you want the best home kit available? There are many different teeth whitening companies on the market. Many will rely on gimmicks, celebrity teeth whitening endorsements and marketing tricks. This makes the product appear to be the best on the market.

As a consumer you want to buy the best teeth whitening kit because achieving the best results with a home product is your main goal.

Does it really matter if a celebrity markets it? Does that in any way impact the performance and end result? No, it doesn’t.

The only thing it does is drive the cost of the product up to compensate for their endorsement fee.

Consumers pay more money for the celebrity name to be attached. Not for the best product available.

Sexy Smile Kit® is the best teeth whitening kit because of the results our product delivers. Our home kit comes with the strongest tooth whitening gel available, and enough of it for several treatments.

We don’t try to sell you more teeth whitening gel refills because we give you ten syringes with each kit. If you are looking for the best kit available you have found it.

LED Light Bleaching Kit

Our LED light teeth whitening kit is the best at home teeth whitening solution. You can whiten your teeth from the comfort of your own home when it is convenient for you. Also, the cost is much lower than teeth whitening services at a dental office.

There are many teeth whitening kits with USB lights. They are a gimmick. This is done to charge you more money. The LED light that comes with Sexy Smile Kit® helps to accelerate the tooth whitening gel. It delivers amazing tooth whitening results.

The LED light tooth whitening technology used by our teeth whitening kit is the most advanced at home tooth whitening you can get.

Our at home LED light teeth whitening kit is the most affordable option. Especially considering how much tooth whitening gel is included with each tooth whitening kit.

Our LED light is portable, allowing you to bring it with you when you travel for tooth whitening maintenance and touch up applications.

You also don’t have to worry about plugging in your LED light teeth whitening mouthpiece into your phone. There are no wires with our LED light. It’s the best portable teeth whitening kit available.

Top Rated Kit

Sexy Smile Kit® was one of the original teeth whitening brands on the market. We have been selling our popular and effective home kit since 2016. We continue to provide one of the most effective home tooth whitening solutions available.

When looking for a top rated teeth whitening kit it’s important to look beyond the gimmicks and fluff and focus on what really matters: teeth whitening results. Our kit and tooth whitening gel formula deliver outstanding results for our customers. They experience fast results and brighter whiter smiles.

There are many consumer websites and blogs that list the top rated teeth whitening kits. But it’s important to understand that many of those are just affiliate marketing websites and blogs. They earn a commission when a tooth whitening kit is sold through the affiliate links they place within the top rated teeth whitening kit lists.

Be aware that top rated teeth whitening kit lists are not genuine. Read the reviews. You will know Sexy Smile Kit® is a top rated teeth whitening kit. It delivers amazing results.

Affordable Teeth Whitening Kit

Sexy Smile Kit® is the most affordable teeth whitening solution on the market. The extra value we provide in terms of the amount of teeth whitening gel in each kit makes the value even more impressive.

Many teeth whitening products only give you enough tooth whitening gel to do a few treatments. They want to sell you more teeth whitening gel refills.

Not only do we give you ten tooth whitening gel syringes, but our tooth whitening formula is the most powerful. The ingredients included in our teeth whitening gel formula are glycerin, carbomer, menthol, edetic acid disodium salt and 44% carbamide peroxide.

Rather than spending several hundred dollars at a dental office for teeth bleaching, give the Sexy Smile Kit® a chance.

It’s an affordable teeth whitening option that delivers the same quality results that professional teeth whitening at a local dentist does, but at a fraction of the cost. You will not find a more affordable tooth whitening kit available.

Convenience of At Home Whitening

Our kit is the best option if you are serious about getting the best whitening results and saving money.

Buying Sexy Smile Kit® gives you the convenience of an at home teeth whitening kit. You get the results of a professional treatment. We are the most effective solution for whitening teeth at home. Our reviews will show you how happy our customers are with their results.

Many dental offices will tell you that their teeth whitening process is superior to any at home teeth whitening product, but that is not the case.

They typically want their patients to use their tooth whitening service because there is a high markup on the procedure. Most professional teeth whitening will cost several hundred dollars per treatment. The end results aren’t any better than what you can achieve with a home teeth whitening kit like Sexy Smile Kit®.

You will not only save money when you purchase our effective at home tooth whitening kit, but you will experience amazing results. Just like the thousands of customers that used this product to drastically improve the whiteness and brightness of their smile.

When you want to buy the best at home teeth whitening kit look no further than Sexy Smile Kit®.

Home Whitening Kit Reviews

There are a lot of options available. Teeth whitening kit reviews are a good place to look. They show you what kind of results previous customers experienced with a particular tooth whitening product.

You can read all of the Sexy Smile Kit® reviews that customers have left right here on our website.

See what kind of teeth whitening results our customers experienced and what they think about our popular kit. Every customer that purchases a Sexy Smile Kit® can leave a review.

Previous customers can leave a review, which they can do when logged into their account. This ensures that all of the teeth whitening reviews you read on our website are from verified buyers.

Many of the reviews our customers leave also include pictures they take, both of the kit and the results they experience. After you buy our product and use it, please come back to our website and make sure to leave your own review of our teeth whitening kit. We would greatly appreciate it.

Tooth Whitening Kit with Light

A teeth whitening kit with light is highly effective. There are many different models available. Many are simply gimmicks. They trick consumers into paying more money for whitening their teeth.

A USB light might look fancy and cool plugged it into your mobile phone or USB outlet, but it doesn’t do anything more than the LED light that is included with our tooth whitening kit aside from costing you more money.

The USB light looks cool on social media. It requires that you are plugged into a USB port. This is not convenient, whether it’s a mobile phone, laptop or USB outlet. Either way, it’s not very portable.

Sexy Smile Kit® is 100% portable. The LED light takes batteries, which are provided, and allows you to be completely mobile as there is no cord.

Our teeth whitening kit with LED light delivers results. The combination of our strong teeth whitening gel formula and LED light technology will give you the best teeth whitening results.

Teeth Whitening Kit for Sensitive Teeth

Are you looking for a tooth whitening kit for sensitive teeth? Many companies advertise their product is designed for sensitive teeth and sensitive gums. You need to know what contributes to sensitivity.

There are things you can do to limit the sensitivity experienced from teeth whitening, like making sure to use the correct amount of whitening gel in the mouth trays.

If you use too much tooth whitening gel it gets pushed up onto your gums. Some experience sensitivity, which is a direct result.

Applying the LED light enhances the teeth whitening gel. If a large amount is on your gums you will experience some discomfort.

Use the right amount of whitening gel. You only want the gel on the front surface of your teeth. If you do this, it’s the best teeth whitening kit for sensitive teeth.

Consider that you can use a smaller amount of tooth whitening gel in each treatment. This reduces teeth and gum sensitivity.

Each kit comes with ten syringes of our tooth whitening gel, which is enough for many applications. Simply reduce the amount used for each treatment to extend the number of days. This will cause tooth sensitivity and sensitivity of the gums reduced greatly.

Teeth Whitening Kit That Works

Sexy Smile Kit® is a tooth whitening kit that works. Our popular tooth whitening kit is affordable and most importantly, works.

If you are looking for the best results our top rated teeth whitening kit delivers the best results to help you achieve the white and bright smile you desire.

Our product is a teeth whitening kit that works, and we hope that you enjoy the results you get from using our professional level whitening kit.

Click here to find evidence of a test, analysis, research, or study describing the benefits, performance or efficacy of Sexy Smile Kit® based on the expertise of relevant professionals.

Additional information


Sexy Smile Kit®


Sexy Smile Kit® Teeth Whitening Kit


LED light, batteries, two mouth trays, 10 syringes of teeth whitening gel, shade guide and instructions.


Whitening Gel (Glycerin, Carbomer, Menthol, Edetic Acid Disodium Salt, 44% Carbamide Peroxide)

Net Weight

35 g

1036 reviews for Teeth Whitening Kit

  1. Edison Butler  Verified Purchase

    Did a nice job for a good price.

  2. Angela Morse  Verified Purchase

    Would recommend this to anyone looking for whiten their teeth during quarantine.

  3. Suzette Farmer  Verified Purchase

    Worked nicely on my teeth and saw improvements in the shade after the 7 days.

  4. Erica Morgan  Verified Purchase


  5. Marie Boyer  Verified Purchase

    Happy with this. Thanks again for making a great product.

  6. Jermaine Whitney  Verified Purchase

    Amazing results!!!!!

  7. Domingo Cannon  Verified Purchase

    Worked to get my teeth white like says. Happy to get another for my girlfriend next.

  8. Willie Wolfe  Verified Purchase

    Tracking said it shiped the same day but it was held up ay my local post office for two days. It was only going from Miami to Atlanta. Not sure why USPS was so slow. I will come back after I use it and maybe it will be bumped to five stars. Why does USPS take long during the pandemic? They are still delivering.

  9. Kirk Gordon  Verified Purchase

    My wife got one last month and after seeing that it works I picked one up for myself.

  10. Aline Solomon  Verified Purchase

    Happy customer. Five stars.

  11. Isaac Ayala  Verified Purchase

    Thanks for making a good product that works like it says. Will happily give the discount code to a friend of mine so they can buy one also.

  12. Jana Reeves  Verified Purchase

    Worked well. Happy with the results. Shipping was delayed a bit by USPS. I think all shipping is a little slower now because of coronavirus.

  13. Paris Calderon  Verified Purchase

    Saw on Instagram and was a bit curios if these work. Did if for a week and saw a big difference.

  14. Andre Patterson  Verified Purchase

    Works well and no discomfort. Would buy again.

  15. Leslie Bridges  Verified Purchase

    Can feel it working fast…I saw a big shade improvement after day 3!

  16. Matthew Duffy  Verified Purchase

    GF got it a month ago so I got one after seeing how it worked on her. Highly recommended if you want to remove staining.

  17. Lesley Shaffer  Verified Purchase


  18. Anthony May  Verified Purchase

    Overall happy with the results. Was a very easy to use product. Just did it at night before bed like suggested and afetr the treatment my teeth looked a lot better. Good value.

  19. Tara Tudryn  Verified Purchase

    Fast shipping even with the whole Covid-19 disaster. Used it for a week and overall I am thrilled with my results. Haven’t gotten any reactions yet because we are in quarantine still, but I am sure my dog can tell how white my teeth are now! LOL

  20. Jessica Barcia  Verified Purchase

    Worked nicely. Enough extra gel left over to do a buch of mainteance. I like that!

  21. Scott Johnson  Verified Purchase

    Excellent results on my end!!!

  22. Marissa Whitmore  Verified Purchase

    Worked really well. Something I will keep using just to combat stains and discoloration moving forward.

  23. Raymond Christensen  Verified Purchase

    Very happy with my results. Thanks to you!

  24. Franklin Villanueva  Verified Purchase

    Amazing is all I can say!

  25. Alexis Rubio  Verified Purchase

    The best tooth white kit I used and I tried many.

  26. Felicia Burton  Verified Purchase

    Works just as advertised. Thanks!

  27. Dewey Dunlap  Verified Purchase

    Love it and will buy again.

  28. August Terrell  Verified Purchase

    Very happy with the results so far. Got the tracking number after ordering and the shipping was fast.

  29. Twila Koch  Verified Purchase

    Got it nice and quick. Saw results quick as well.

  30. Ophelia Case  Verified Purchase

    Saw a few shade improvements just after a few applications. Happy with mine!

  31. Jorge Cross  Verified Purchase

    Came fast. It worked after the first time. Kept it on for 15 min.

  32. Jimmy Cameron  Verified Purchase

    Thanks for making a great product. Removed wine stains nicely!

  33. Jenifer Hayden  Verified Purchase

    Worked great for me and my husband.

  34. Joel Sellers  Verified Purchase

    Got it fast and it worked well.

  35. Denise Galvan  Verified Purchase

    Super results! 🙂

  36. Willie Russo  Verified Purchase

    Awesome results and a great bargain especially with the extra discount code!

  37. Ilene Long  Verified Purchase

    Worked great and still have plenty of gel left for more treatments. Very good product and fast shipping. Will buy again when my gel finally runs out.

  38. Fanny Velez  Verified Purchase

    Worked great!

  39. Eugenia Price  Verified Purchase

    Kit was exactly as described and did the trick. Happy with my results.

  40. Luigi Ewing  Verified Purchase

    It took a couple days longer to come because of the Coronavirus but it was worth the wait!

  41. Lilia Reynolds  Verified Purchase

    Exactly as described!

  42. Clay Huerta  Verified Purchase

    I very rarely leave reviews but I wanted to take a minute to explain what happened with me. I looked at a lot of options and sent a request here on the contact form and all of my questions were answered so I bought the kit. I got an email with a tracking number and it arrived by USSP in a few days. Great service all around. But the best part was the results. My teeth were noticeably whiter after just a few days. Very happy with this purchase!

  43. Guy Crawford  Verified Purchase


  44. Keenan Daniels  Verified Purchase

    Saw this on Facebook and took a chance. Glad I did. Worked very well.

  45. Trenton Simmons  Verified Purchase

    Nothing else to say other than it works!

  46. Shawn Peters  Verified Purchase

    Got an email about two weeks after getting this saying they would appreciate a erview with my thoughts on the product. This works. If you want to get whiter teeth grab one for yourself.

  47. Cristopher Ochoa  Verified Purchase

    Five stars all the way!

  48. Kerry Decker  Verified Purchase

    Got mine sent to me in Puerto Rico fast which was nice.

  49. Tyree Hale  Verified Purchase

    Tried them all. This is the best value because you get 10 whitening gel syringes which is more than you get with most kits because they want you to buy more.

  50. Angelica Little  Verified Purchase

    5 stars for sure. Worked good and I still have a ton of the gel tubes left.

  51. Earnest Mayer  Verified Purchase

    I can’t believe I bought something an Instagram influencer was promoting but I am glad I did because it worked! LOL

  52. Lowell Webster  Verified Purchase

    Very happy so far!

  53. Cathryn Wu  Verified Purchase

    Teeth are much whiter now.

  54. Cecilia Mcbride  Verified Purchase

    Good value and shipping here was good.

  55. Bettie Buchanan  Verified Purchase

    Me and my sister got these and we both got nice results. Used it every night before bed for 10 minutes and worked good.

  56. Noreen Landry  Verified Purchase

    Did what it says it does. I like it more then the strips.

  57. Juana Fernandez  Verified Purchase

    I got a treatment at my dentist a year ago for $600 and this did the job better for less than 10% of the cost. You have a new customer and I am even going to sign up for the ambassador program!

  58. Gayle Lopez  Verified Purchase

    My favorite teeth whitening kit because it’s a good value with so much gel that comes with it. Good for a lot of applications. Love this a lot.

  59. Porter Cannon  Verified Purchase


  60. Alexandra Cunningham  Verified Purchase

    5 stars. Thanks mates!

  61. Elden Michael  Verified Purchase

    Found this on Google and had low expectations but I was surprised in the end because it worked nice.

  62. Chang Calhoun  Verified Purchase

    I’m now a believer. Hard to argue with results.

  63. Willis Prince  Verified Purchase

    Great product.

  64. Kristine Kim  Verified Purchase

    Did the trick. Thanks!

  65. Noemi Serrano  Verified Purchase

    Shipping took a little longer because it’s currently taking longer for stuff to come into Canada but I guess that isn’t anyones fault. Just due to the current pandemic.

  66. Stacey Miller  Verified Purchase

    Works well.

  67. Katharine Hart  Verified Purchase

    Took a chance and bought this and happy to report it works as described. Was easy to use and something I will probably do again in a few months since I drink a lot of coffee and will NEVER give up my coffee! 😛

  68. Josue King  Verified Purchase

    Got one for me and my spouse. We did it at night together and it worked good for us both.

  69. Otha Acosta  Verified Purchase

    Worked good for me.

  70. John Maxwell  Verified Purchase

    This is the best price for the amount of gel. Great deal and great product.

  71. Hubert Mckinney  Verified Purchase

    Saw some stains removed after one use. Was actually really shocked at the results for this price.

  72. Domingo Davis  Verified Purchase


  73. Shawna Meza  Verified Purchase

    Happy with mine so thanks.

  74. Isabelle Castro  Verified Purchase


  75. Glenna Rodriguez  Verified Purchase

    This came in so quick & came with everything I needed.

  76. Sharon Randall  Verified Purchase

    Quick shipping! Excellent product works just as mentioned.

  77. Audra Wilkerson  Verified Purchase

    It is nice and came in the mail fast.

  78. Sherri Carlson  Verified Purchase

    I received it in 3 days. Looks just like the picture.

  79. Cletus Arellano  Verified Purchase

    Used it for a week and whitening my teeth aobut 4 or 5 shades.

  80. Jordan Woodward  Verified Purchase

    Good results for me.

  81. Robbie Huber  Verified Purchase

    Super happy with my results. FYI – there is a 10% off coupon code listed on the customer service page! 😉

  82. Janine Clay  Verified Purchase

    This stuff works.

  83. Casey Villegas  Verified Purchase

    Not sure what a “celebrity formula” is but whatever it is it did a great job on my teeth.

  84. Robin Boyer  Verified Purchase

    Saw on Instagram and it was an impulse purchase. Glad I got this. It whitened my teeth good.

  85. Quinn Williams  Verified Purchase

    Nice product and good value.

  86. Nannie Gillespie  Verified Purchase

    Not sure what to write other than it works nice and I suggest you try it if you want white teeth.

  87. Jennie Potts  Verified Purchase

    Sexy Smile Kit works. Get one!

  88. Annmarie Saunders  Verified Purchase

    We love ours and will get another set of kits in a few months so keep these new smiles shining!

  89. Tamra Horton  Verified Purchase

    Love this. Results were amazing so highest review rating for sure.

  90. Yvette Wilson  Verified Purchase

    Thank you, loved the results!

  91. Jami Gonzalez  Verified Purchase

    Would recommend.

  92. Burt Mcbride  Verified Purchase

    I been using this for about 3 days and I’m already seeing results can’t wait for a full week of using this.

  93. Dave Costa  Verified Purchase

    Good quality product and an exceptional value. Worked great very quickly. Simple and painless to use. I would definitely recommend this product.

  94. Herminia Christensen  Verified Purchase

    Great, easy to use, good price, gel has nice flavor.

  95. Clyde Mata  Verified Purchase

    Love my results.

  96. Lauri Middleton  Verified Purchase

    The delivery of my kit was timely and I have been happy with the product.

  97. Carmella Cervantes  Verified Purchase

    I saw a big difference!

  98. Deon Howe  Verified Purchase

    My overall experience with the teeth whitening kit has been great. It’s easy to use, only takes 10 minutes with the light, and I’ve had no sensitivity which is a first My teeth look whiter and feel cleaner. I’m definitely going to continue ordering this kit.

  99. Bret Wilcox  Verified Purchase

    It was great and can definitely see improvement.

  100. Roman Figueroa  Verified Purchase

    Great! I would buy it again!

  101. Keri Cantrell  Verified Purchase

    Very simple product and works great!

  102. Emerson Wall  Verified Purchase

    Improved 3 shades of white immediately after just a couple uses.

  103. Elise Chambers  Verified Purchase

    Excellent. Easy and painless.

  104. Gregory Velez  Verified Purchase

    Great results in just a short amount of time. I was pleasantly surprised with the change in whiteness being as I’ve only done it a few times, but this stuff really works! I’ve always experienced sensitivity with other whitening products but none of that with this teeth whitening kit.

  105. Rodolfo Bryant  Verified Purchase

    Works great!

  106. Janis Cantu  Verified Purchase

    Product arrived on time and as expected. Instructions are clear and application was easy.

  107. Maryanne Barrett  Verified Purchase

    Worked good but hurt mu gums.

  108. Stacy Mendoza  Verified Purchase

    The product worked very well. The second use was where I could notice the most difference. I recommend this product for the value.

  109. Kory Moore  Verified Purchase

    After the first couple uses I could already see results.

  110. Derick Carter  Verified Purchase

    Love this item! My teeth were instantly whiter after the first use. I will definitely be purchasing again when mine runs out! Thanks.

  111. Iva Powers  Verified Purchase

    It was a gift for my daughter and she really likes it.

  112. Dennis Glass  Verified Purchase

    Started seeing a difference right away!

  113. Joel Cain  Verified Purchase

    Easy to use. Great whitening of my teeth.

  114. Eddie Richards  Verified Purchase

    My teeth are very sensitive. Not the product’s fault. I just cannot use these kind of things.

  115. Felicia Wise  Verified Purchase

    Very good product that came quick and I saw noticeable results as advertised.

  116. Carrol Bennett  Verified Purchase

    Good results.

  117. Morton York  Verified Purchase

    I have only had it a few days but I can already see a major difference!

  118. Molly Mercer  Verified Purchase

    Overall it was fast shipping and the teeth whitening kit is easy to use and gave me great results.

  119. Logan Shaffer  Verified Purchase

    This works great and whitens teeth very well. The price is great and a lot less expensive than other products I have tried.

  120. Jean Wilkinson  Verified Purchase

    Good results. Will buy again if needed.

  121. Marina Murillo  Verified Purchase


  122. Jerald Wagner  Verified Purchase

    Easy to use. Whitens teeth very quickly.

  123. Leticia Lee  Verified Purchase

    Good price and good end result.

  124. Jan Blevins  Verified Purchase

    I can see a big difference already.

  125. Joan Buckley  Verified Purchase

    Noticed a difference after the week!

  126. Benedict Roman  Verified Purchase

    Very easy to use and it really does work!

  127. Arlie Stafford  Verified Purchase

    The kit worked great I will be recommending it to my friends.

  128. Pat Koch  Verified Purchase

    Love mine! 😀

  129. Burt Nguyen  Verified Purchase

    No need to spend a lot of money getting it done professionally. This teeth whitening kit does the trick!

  130. Pierre Dennis  Verified Purchase

    Great product especially for the price!

  131. Gaston Hancock  Verified Purchase

    I used the kit every day for 2 weeks and I noticed big results.

  132. Allan Collier  Verified Purchase

    It works so well. I have already seen a difference!

  133. Saul Wyatt  Verified Purchase

    I have had an amazing experience seeing whiter teeth in a week.

  134. Abram Strong  Verified Purchase

    I definitely saw a difference in color shade after using this.

  135. Sandra Rojas  Verified Purchase

    Great product and it worked.

  136. Lindsay Obrien  Verified Purchase

    Saw results in just 2 days. Will buy again!

  137. Claire Humphrey  Verified Purchase

    I like what this did. Was a post office delay delivering.

  138. Hester Tyler  Verified Purchase

    Results were fast. Very happy.

  139. Melinda Velez  Verified Purchase

    Love my teeth whitening kit! I started to see results after only 3 uses! Very happy!

  140. Alma Wise  Verified Purchase

    Incredible results after just a few days!

  141. Irma King  Verified Purchase

    I am shocked at how well it works and I never usually write reviews.

  142. Roseann Sampson  Verified Purchase

    Happy I gave this one a shot after many disappointed me. Results were fast.

  143. Helena Carson  Verified Purchase

    Gave 4 stars because it is good.

  144. Diann Douglas  Verified Purchase

    Worked just as described. No complaints from me.

  145. Latisha Andrade  Verified Purchase

    The best I have used. Will buy again.

  146. Regina Hill  Verified Purchase

    After using it the effect is obvious. My teeth are much whiter than before.

  147. Joshua Barrera  Verified Purchase

    Great results for sure.

  148. David Benjamin  Verified Purchase

    Love the ease and results I got.

  149. Louisa Schroeder  Verified Purchase

    Thanks for the great teeth whitening product. Results were great for the price.

  150. Shelby Greene  Verified Purchase

    Highly recommended tooth whitening light and gel kit.

  151. Audra Browning  Verified Purchase

    Good quality, convenient and simple to use. Best of all it works!

  152. Jeff Buck  Verified Purchase

    Going to grab one for my wife after seeing how good it worked. Graet product.

  153. Adolph Burke  Verified Purchase

    I liked it for sure. Worked and did what is says.

  154. Karl Escobar  Verified Purchase


  155. Brett Huang  Verified Purchase

    Easier than I thought and worked good.

  156. Denver Collier  Verified Purchase

    Will get another one soon for sure!

  157. Donna Lutz  Verified Purchase

    Very happy!

  158. Stevie Blair  Verified Purchase

    White and smooth after using this.

  159. Kelly Bender  Verified Purchase

    Wow fast shipping was a surprise for sure!

  160. Gregorio Aguilar  Verified Purchase

    USPS lost my package so I was not happy but they sent me a new kit. Just had to wait extra days because of the post office losing it.

  161. Michal Henry  Verified Purchase

    5 star review.

  162. Bonita Montes  Verified Purchase

    Slight discomfort on gums. Other than that worked awesome.

  163. Eliza Davenport  Verified Purchase

    Used many. Will keep using this one.

  164. Carla Barrett  Verified Purchase

    Thanks for the great product. Happy customer here!

  165. Miguel Mccann  Verified Purchase

    This is the best teeth white kit I got and I have tried them all in the past and my gf has also. We are loving our teeth after this was done.

  166. Lawerence Harrison  Verified Purchase

    Worked nice for me 🙂 🙂

  167. Claudia Duncan  Verified Purchase

    Gladly leaving this review because it works.

  168. Danny Delgado  Verified Purchase

    White teeth. What more can I ask for.

  169. Marla Everett  Verified Purchase

    If you want to get white teeth and not pay a fortune at the dentist try this. Works nicely.

  170. Sue Manning  Verified Purchase


  171. Cole Clements  Verified Purchase

    Happy with it. Grabbing one for my wife now.

  172. Mel Bowen  Verified Purchase

    Works better then the strips from Crest!!!

  173. Zachery Horn  Verified Purchase

    This works better than any other home teeth whitening kit I have tried in the past. Better than strips. Better than kits that cost more money. Great product.

  174. Kasey Yoder  Verified Purchase

    Great teeth whitening!

  175. Ralph Townsend  Verified Purchase

    Good item.

  176. Bridgette Lara  Verified Purchase

    The best! Now I have a sexy smile ;-P

  177. Lee Melton  Verified Purchase

    Happy with my results. Recommended yes.

  178. Reba Medina  Verified Purchase

    FInally an Instagram purchase I don’t regret LMAO

  179. Eloise Russell  Verified Purchase

    Nice results in a week of use.

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    Did it for 10 min each day for a week and then a couple extra days and teeth are so white. And still have the tubes left for more uses later.

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    Wanted white teeth before visiting family for Tanksgiving and that is exactly what I got!

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    It worked good. Little sensitivity issue but nothing major. Would use it again.

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    If you are wanting a teeth whitening product that works give Sexy Smile Kit a try. I am very happy with how it worked for me.

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    Tried them all and this one is good.

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    Great results!

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    Got this before a vacation and after a week my smile was transformed. very happy because I was not expecting this.

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    Good product but I broke my light after dropping it on the floor 🙁

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    Wanted to whiten my teeth before our annual Halloween work party and I am very happy. I will be smiling extra big in the pictures this year!

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    Din’t have high hopes but it actually did a nice job of removing some coffee stains. Noticeable enough that my husband said something.

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    Buying my sister one now for her birthday!

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    Good buy and worked nice.

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    Super fast shipping and a product that works. This was a nice surprise. Wasn’t expecting it to work so good.

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    Worked ok for me.

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    Love it. Going to join the ambassador program because I believe in this!

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    Thanks for the good results!

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    Perfect white after using.

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    Wanted a little better results but still a good deal for the price. Might try again and do it for ten days instead of 7.

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    Got an email after a week of using it asking for a review so here I am. Happy to say it worked nice. Would buy it again when it comes time for another round.

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    According to the guide I changed 5 shaes and I used it 8 days.

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    My teeth look so much better. Time to take some selfies! 🙂

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    Wow! Wow! Wow! It works!

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    Don’t buy the ones in the store that are hundreds of dollars. This one is just as good. Happy I found Sexy Smile Kit.

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    This beats the dentist and the $1,000 they wanted to charge me!

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    Used the strips for years and this is a better and easier option for sure. Will get another in a few months.

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    Friend of mine told me about this so I took their advice and I am happy just like them.

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    My boyfriend noticed after just two uses. Safe to say he likes it just as much as I do. We just ordered him one also.

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    White teeth for a few dollars? What a deal.

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    This is really a good product. No crazy claims. just solid results.

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    White smile came faster then I owuld have thought it would. Used daily after dinner for a week. Simple directions and no irritation. Thi is the best whitening product I have tried. YOu have a new customer for life!

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    So good. Seriously thank you!

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    I am happy with the results this teeth whitening kit gave me. Good experience.

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    Irritated my gums too much.

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    Easy and works. Impossible to not be thrilled with that lol

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    Very satisfied.

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    Great results. I would just caution against using too much gel. If you get it on your gums it can be annoying. I used a smaller amount of gel over a longer period of time and it still worked really well.

  245. Long Barajas  Verified Purchase

    I used it just as it said and in the end my teeth were a lot whiter!

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    Yeah this thing does a good job just like everyone says. If you want to whiten your teeth try it.

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    So simple yet so effective!

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    Solid results for a low price.

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    My daughter laughed at me when I bought this but now she wants me to buy her one! 😛

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    Grabbed one for me and my husband and we both ended up with great results.

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    I am very very very happy!!!!

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    Results were fast. Dentist quality without the hit to the wallet.

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    I think my teeth are too sensitive for whitening gels. I have tried them all and it’s just uncomfortable.

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    Love what it did. The coupon code and discount made the deal even better.

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    The oens at the grocery store are cheaper but they don’t work like this. Happy with how my teeth turned out.

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    You have a happy customer in Dallas!

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    This works so good. I only wish there was an option for a family kit or something for couples. Other than that this is an amazing product.

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    Happy 4th of July!!!!!! And yes, this worked great!!!

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    Happy with how my teeth turned out. Very simple and for this price you cannot lose.

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    had to give it a shot and I was not disappointed.

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    I am very happy with what this did and for the price. Would recommend to others looking for good results. Go easy on the gel because too much will bother your gums.

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    No sensitivity which was a shocker TBH!

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    Tracking number came the same day I ordered and the kit arrived fast. Worked well. 5 stars.

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    It is a nice product. Will use again with my extra gel.

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    Good results.

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    I am addicted to online shopping so I have tried them all lol…but this one did a nice job.

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    Hurt my teeth.

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    Used for a little longer than suggested because I wanted to see how white I could get them and it did what I wanted. Great purchase.

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    This is a good price for sure and it worked like it said it does.

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    End result was nothing special. For the money it was ok I guess.

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    This is one of the best teeth whitening lights you can get. The resutls do the talking.

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    This is a great teeth whitening light kit.

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    Happy 🙂

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    It’ll definitely make your teeth white. Be careful not to get on your gums like I did.

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    Big fan of this teeth whitener. Strong and effective.

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    Just as advertised. My teeth were visibly whiter after the first week!

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    The results are great. Make sure you’re comfortable with it in your mouth for 15 minutes. Keep it in the full amount of time for best results.

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    Worked like it says so go for it if you want whiter teeth and a nice smile.

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    Received an email inviting me to review my purchase and I am happy to do so. This was a great purchase. It worked like described. My teeth looked amazing when done. Thanks!

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    No sensitivity and it was easy to use, even on the first day.

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    Works good.

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    Very nice product! Was a bit nervous because the price is so low but then I used it and the product works! Very satisfied. Thank you!

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    Getting spring ready and this helped make me feel better.

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    Though they were all the same but Sexy Smile Kit worked better than some other ones I bought at the store in the past.

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    I wish they sold this in the store instead of the Colgate teeth whitening ones. This one is better.

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    I went lighter on the gel and just extended the time a few more days because I know my teeth are sensitive. This strategy worked because I was able to whiten my teeth with no sensitivity issues.

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    You get 5 stars form me!

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    What a good value. Priced right and works.

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    OMG so good and easy to use…will make my boyfriend get one too lol

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    Not sure what to leave for a review other than it worked.

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    Works great very easy to follow instructions that came with it.

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    You guys have a great teeth whitening kit. Thank you.

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    After years of coffee drinking and smoking this definitely made a big difference. Will recommend to my family.

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    Great improvement in color.

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    Saw it on a blog and tried it. Did a nice job.

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    This is something that I would suggest buying if you want white teeth without paying a lot at the dentist.

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    Worked great. I didn’t have any tooth sensitivity like I had with other whiteners.

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    Small package packs a big punch!

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    Wasn’t expecting a whole lot but was happy after a week’s use. Recommended for the price.

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    Two thumbs up from me (and 5 stars lol)

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    Very inexpensive way to get whiter teeth!

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    Great and fast ship to me!

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    I like a lot. Made teeth whiter easy.

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    Felt silly buying this in the store so I found this on Google. Happy I went with this one because it worked.

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    Low price. Free shipping. Product that actually works. Well done.

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    You guys make the best teeth whitening kit!!!

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    I worked ok. Guess I wanted it to do better.

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    Wanted to start the year off improving myself and this helped. Off to a great start.

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    Worked like I was hoping it would. Super simple to use as well.

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    Very happy and satisfied customer.

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    I recommend Sexy Smile Kit to anyone that wants to get a whiter smile!

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    Wow, I am a bit surprised that it worked like it did.

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    Great if you want to whiten your teeth without having sensitivity issues.

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  400. Norman Rivers  Verified Purchase

    If you stick with it for a week your teeth will really turn whiter.

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    Saw my teeth improve after two uses. This works!

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    Would get it again. Probably will.

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    Did a decent job.

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    I never tried these kits before so wasn’t sure what to expect. It was easier to do then I thought it would be. Teeth looked so much better after using this.

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    I am so glad I bought this kit. It is so easy to use!

  406. Fabian McLean  Verified Purchase

    Teeth whitening is affordable thanks to this!

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    It comes with a lot of product. I’ve got so much left over after doing it for a full week.

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    I definitely think it’s worth the cost.

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    Not sure what else to say besides it did work really well for me.

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    I love this teeth whitening kit!

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    Can’t compare. This is the best one you get buy.

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    Product gave me visible results after just one treatment!

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    Great results for a low price. 🙂

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    What a difference a week makes after using this. Thank you.

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    This is an excellent product. Worked like ones I bought for much more money.

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    Very happy buyer here. Super fast shipping and awesome white teeth.

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    Thanks for making a nice affordable whitening product.

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    Better than I got at my dentist and she charged me $500 🙁

  419. Sherrie Navarro  Verified Purchase

    It is easy to use and you can use it while you are doing the dishes or cleaning the house.

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    Loving my results so far. The before and after is so crazy.

  421. Darnell Koch  Verified Purchase


  422. Steven Villanueva  Verified Purchase

    First thanks for the great deal. Second thanks for the results. This worked great!

  423. Travis Watts  Verified Purchase

    I’m a custoemr for life after seeing the results. Directions were easy to follow. Simple as it can be.

  424. Arlie Solis  Verified Purchase

    Wasn’t horrible it did ok I guess. Maybe didn’t do it as many days as I should have. May try again.

  425. Tracy Carson  Verified Purchase

    Got mine in 3 days after ordering and put it right to work. Never used a teeth whitening kit before. Very happy with how my teeth turned out after a week of following the directions.

  426. Corine Robertson  Verified Purchase

    This kit gets a 5 star rating from me.

  427. Magdalena Jefferson  Verified Purchase

    Eraly Xmas present to myself and it did a great job!

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    Took years of stains away. Like a magician. MAGIC!!!

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    Easy to use and a great value for the price.

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    Confidence booster for sure and so affordable. A+

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    Thank you. Worked so good on my teeth.

  432. Kimberly Nichols  Verified Purchase

    Facebook advertisement pulled me in. Took a chance and it performed better than I would have guessed.

  433. Drew Raymond  Verified Purchase

    I have been using for one week and have noticed a difference.

  434. Lauren Mcguire  Verified Purchase

    I’ve been able to see the difference and this is why I’m giving it 5 stars.

  435. Eileen Jackson  Verified Purchase

    Noticed a difference after the first use!

  436. Meredith Waller  Verified Purchase

    I would totally recommand this teeth whitening kit!

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    Pretty simple to use. Results were better than I would have guessed they would be. Much whiter and in just a week. Great value.

  438. Elmer Guzman  Verified Purchase

    Product works great.

  439. Wilbur Anderson  Verified Purchase

    This was my first time using something other than simple things like white strips and I am really impressed. Great quality and was very easy to use.

  440. Delia Berger  Verified Purchase

    Really didn’t think this system would brighten my smile but to my surprise it worked!

  441. Edwin Preston  Verified Purchase

    I highly recommend it.

  442. Ellsworth Contreras  Verified Purchase

    I love that the light has a timer so I don’t have to keep track. Would recommend for anyone looking for whiter teeth.

  443. Jarrett Ross  Verified Purchase

    Package was lost in mail and had to wait 3 days for a replacement.

  444. Pearlie Fuller  Verified Purchase

    I do see noticeable results already. Easy to use and good price.

  445. Eric Ayers  Verified Purchase

    I give this product 5 stars because it did really work.

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    This whitening system really whitens your teeth and does so quickly.

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    Definitely recommend to anybody that’s looking for teeth whitening gel that works.

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    My teeth where whiter in the first use! Thank you!

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    Good product for a quick and easy whitening!

  450. Maxine Vazquez  Verified Purchase

    I’ve been using this product for several weeks now and my teeth look much better.

  451. Sofia Mercer  Verified Purchase

    Easy to use but also easy to overfill the tray if not careful. Just use a little bit of gel so you don’t make a mess.

  452. Grant Jones  Verified Purchase

    I am only on my second treatment but I can already see the difference.

  453. Ophelia Fox  Verified Purchase

    Not sure what else to say aside from it working great.

  454. Joyce Sheppard  Verified Purchase

    Will definitely be ordering another one.

  455. Donna Miles  Verified Purchase

    So easy to use!

  456. Benton Martinez  Verified Purchase

    This product is easy to use. It only took me 10 mins to finish it every night before bed.

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    My teeth are noticeabley whiter. Great product!

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    It worked pretty well!

  459. Vonda Booker  Verified Purchase

    Simple to use and works great. I will purchase again.

  460. Darius Snow  Verified Purchase

    It is pretty easy to use, although it can be boring to keep the mouthpiece in your mouth for 10 minutes.

  461. Cory Juarez  Verified Purchase

    Great. Easy to use. Didn’t make my teeth sensitive.

  462. Sheila Ramos  Verified Purchase

    Whitened after just one use! Definitely will use again!

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    It made me more confident with my smile.

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    Works great. Whitens teeth noticeably and fast.

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    No sensitivity and saw results after the first treatment.

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    I’ve tried a few whitening products. The worst ones are the whitening strips! I like the results of this kit.

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    In two days I noticed a difference. I recommend trying this.

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    This is absolutely AMAZING!

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    Works great and is super easy to use!

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    This product is simple to use & actually works.

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    After using the teeth whitening kit for about two weeks I have noticied a difference in the whiteness of my teeth. Thanks!

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    Used it twice now and see great results.

  473. Dale Kelley  Verified Purchase

    Already see a difference after two days. Would definitely purchase again.

  474. Angelina Welch  Verified Purchase

    My teeth are definitely shades whiter after using regularly for two weeks. I’m pleased with the results for sure.

  475. Rosetta Wong  Verified Purchase

    This works great for whitening your teeth at home!

  476. Marcie Finley  Verified Purchase

    The instructions that come with the kit explain everything and the mouth trays are comfortable. Love my results!

  477. Gretchen Fields  Verified Purchase

    Amazing product worked just as advertised.

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    It totally whitened my teeth.

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    My husband and I love this teeth whitening kit!

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    It took a few treatments to really get my teeth white. Very pleased!

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    I am so excited on how much whiter my teeth are now.

  482. Earnest Weber  Verified Purchase

    I am very satisfied with the price!

  483. Phoebe Andersen  Verified Purchase

    Comes with way more whitening gel syringes than others for less money and does the same job!!!

  484. Antony Klein  Verified Purchase

    No complaints!

  485. Madeleine Nolan  Verified Purchase

    Really liked this kit…noticed pretty quickly that my teeth were whiter!

  486. Winfred McKnight  Verified Purchase

    I have tried Crest white strips and they are only effective if you use them every day. This did a great job in just a week of use. Also there is a lot of extra gel for treatments after to keep the white teeth.

  487. Cordell Williamson  Verified Purchase

    They give you a guide to check the whitening level. I got 4 levels up after few times of using.

  488. Mitchel Fernandez  Verified Purchase

    Very easy to use. Highly recommended to anyone that wants white teeth.

  489. Franklyn Ferrell  Verified Purchase

    I have been using for almost a week and I can already see results.

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    This teeth whitening kit comes with everything you need for a whiter smile.

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    This whitening kit works great. My teeth look better now.

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    The product does work! The mint flavor was a nice surprise as well.

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    I said I’d never buy one of these teeth whitening products. But I did. And I am glad because it actually worked.

  494. Therese Dennis  Verified Purchase

    I’ve tried several of these types of products but this one is the best. After only one use you could see a difference.

  495. Connie Gray  Verified Purchase

    Am I the only person teeth whitening just doesn’t work on? I see amazing results and reviews but I have tried so many different products and can never make my teeth any whiter using them.

  496. Frankie Frost  Verified Purchase

    I was really surprised.

  497. Quinn Simon  Verified Purchase

    This kit is fantastic!

  498. Florentino Pacheco  Verified Purchase

    This teeth whitener has been very effective for me. I have wine stains and after a week I saw good results.

  499. Katina Nixon  Verified Purchase

    Compared to other similar teeth whitening kits this one is a great value. Very simple to use.

  500. Fabian Branch  Verified Purchase

    My teeth were noticeable whiter after one 10 minute session. The teeth trays were easy to make.

  501. Katelyn Grimes  Verified Purchase

    100% recommended!

  502. Kent Pace  Verified Purchase

    Very excited about the results. Easy to use with no sensitivity on my teeth.

  503. Ellsworth Drake  Verified Purchase

    A great teeth whitening treatment if you use it correctly.

  504. Lindsay Juarez  Verified Purchase

    The whitening gel comes with lids so you can reuse without a mess.

  505. Stefanie Bowman  Verified Purchase

    Does a good job! Very easy to use as well.

  506. Natalie Villarreal  Verified Purchase

    Easy and comfortable to use.

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    I have noticed such an amazing difference in my smile.

  508. Kelly Choi  Verified Purchase

    Didn’t hurt my teeth! 🙂 🙂

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    I have sensitive teeth but haven’t experienced any discomfort.

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    Money well spent! Easy to use and gave fast results.

  511. Christoper Khan  Verified Purchase

    Overall worth it!

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    I’m very happy with the results and haven’t had any issues using it.

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    This is an affordable teeth whitening system that is easy to use.

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    I can’t get over that this was only $59.99 or the fact that it works!

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    This is a very easy to use teeth whitening kit and it exceeded my expectations.

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  517. Rubin Myers  Verified Purchase

    I love your teeth whitening kit. Glowing review from me!

  518. Maynard Nash  Verified Purchase

    My smile was noticeably whiter after just a few days of use.

  519. Sonya Cervantes  Verified Purchase

    My teeth are usually sensitive after using whitening products but this one didn’t bother me.

  520. Viola Arias  Verified Purchase


  521. Mai Snyder  Verified Purchase

    Shipping was fast.

  522. Emile Kemp  Verified Purchase

    Works better then the one I got a couple years ago from my dentist for $500!!!

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    I am glad that this product actually worked. The result appeared in a week.

  524. Lucas Edwards  Verified Purchase

    Huge difference after second use!

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    I’m very satisfied with this teeth whitening kit.

  526. Darnell Ward  Verified Purchase

    Very easy to use and teeth looked whiter with first use.

  527. Abraham Graves  Verified Purchase

    I bit too hard into my mouth trays when molding them and messed them up.

  528. Ebony McLean  Verified Purchase

    Love that the light turns off automatically. Makes it easier for sure.

  529. Kory Velez  Verified Purchase

    The gel caused no sensitivity for me.

  530. Darcy Santana  Verified Purchase

    Arrived fast, was easy to use and best of all it worked.

  531. Chris Swanson  Verified Purchase

    Noticeable whiter teeth after two uses!

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    It works great! I’ve been using it for a week and I can tell a difference. Very easy to use.

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    Does what it says it will do.

  534. Rosario Hopkins  Verified Purchase

    I saw results after just 2 days.

  535. Forest Salinas  Verified Purchase

    It actually did work for me. I saw results fast. Will continue to use it.

  536. Marcella Davis  Verified Purchase

    This worked way better than I expected

  537. Millicent Jacobson  Verified Purchase

    I didn’t notice a huge difference after the first use, but my teeth were noticeabley whiter after the third use, and have continued to get whiter with every use since then. This is the only whitening product that has worked for me.

  538. Alisha Lam  Verified Purchase

    My teeth look great. This was my first time using this kind of whitening product and I will definitely buy from Sexy Smile Kit again!

  539. Raquel Costa  Verified Purchase

    This kit is not only affordable but it is strong and really works!

  540. Raymundo Salas  Verified Purchase

    Worth it for the white smile. I’m a heavy red wine drinker and this definitely has helped.

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    Definitely will continue to use this teeth whitening kit.

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  543. Kaye Watts  Verified Purchase

    I am happy with the purchase.

  544. Lillian Fernandez  Verified Purchase

    I love your teeth whitening kit!

  545. Joan Travis  Verified Purchase

    I was skeptical, but consistency is key because my teeth are whiter after a couple uses.

  546. Elijah Wilkinson  Verified Purchase

    It shuts off after the 10 minute recommended time. Makes it very easy to use.

  547. Lesley Carney  Verified Purchase

    No question I will continue to use it and buy again!

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    I think this works very well.

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    I wanted something quick and affordable and that is exactly what I got.

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    Works so well. No more photoshopping for Instagram pics anymore LOL

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    Worked perfectly!

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    This teeh whitening kit is very affordable and I had significant results when done. I noticed a big difference.

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    I am really impressed!!

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    Does not hurt teeth but cleans really good! Would buy again.

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    Wow this is a very great product to use. Results can be seen after first use.

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    Very easy to use with amazing results!

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    Leaves teeth visibly whiter. Easy to use. Gel was strong.

  558. Blaine Carr  Verified Purchase

    I definitely recommend it.

  559. Jacob Marsh  Verified Purchase

    Teeth look way better but sometimes it was uncomfortable.

  560. Leandro Stokes  Verified Purchase

    Well it worked ok for me.

  561. Theodore Figueroa  Verified Purchase

    Comes with 10 whitening gels tubes which is a good value.

  562. Megan Frey  Verified Purchase

    Very easy to use and better than I expected.

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  564. Freida Newton  Verified Purchase

    My teeth look a lot brighter and whiter.

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    I recommend this to people who want to see quick results. I am really impressed!!

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    This is the first teeth whitening kit I have used and I have been impressed with the results.

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    I have wanted to try one with the LED light for a while now, and this one is great.

  568. Coleen Lambert  Verified Purchase

    Awesome product!

  569. Dianne Conley  Verified Purchase

    My teeth are brighter, and to my surprise, they are not as sensitive as I thought they may be. Happy with this.

  570. Francisco Gilbert  Verified Purchase

    You get a a generous amount of the whitening treatment in each syringe.

  571. Simone Hogan  Verified Purchase

    This one works good! You see results fast and it’s easy to use!

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    This product is great. It comes with everything you need.

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    This whitening kit is incredible.

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    This teeth whitening kit is a really nice package that helps you whiten your teeth. It is very easy to use

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    Great value for the results you get.

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    I’d recommend the for people who want to see fast results.

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    Love it! Would definitely recommend to friends and family.

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    It only takes 10 minutes and you notice a difference after just one use. I highly recommend this.

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    Very easy to use, instructions were easy to follow and I was able to see results from the teeth whitener just after a few uses!

  580. Natasha Harper  Verified Purchase

    Customer service is A+

  581. Martha Miles  Verified Purchase

    Pretty simple and effective product.

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    Works so good so I am happy!

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    The price is definitely worth it. I would recommend this to my friends.

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    Very good teeth whitening kit! Happy with this purchase.

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    I’ve tried other at home teeth whitening systems but Sexy Smile Kit is the best!

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    It really does work 😀

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    Good product that works great for a good price.

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    I actually saw a difference in the color of my teeth. Also easy to use. Great value.

  589. Thelma Manning  Verified Purchase

    My teeth are a few shades brighter. I received compliments from many people about my smile.

  590. Booker Garza  Verified Purchase

    With the price I paid, this teeth whitening kit is a great deal.

  591. Mitchell Myers  Verified Purchase

    I noticed a difference after 4 uses.

  592. Norbert Berry  Verified Purchase

    It’s definitely a good value for the money!!

  593. Josefina Warren  Verified Purchase

    This system works. Proof is in my before and after pictures.

  594. Issac Waller  Verified Purchase

    My teeth look so much better after only having this for about a week now.

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    A great teeth whitening system.

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    My wife and I love this teeth whitening kit!

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    Thank you for a great product and super fast shipping!

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    I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in whiter teeth!

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    I will 100% purchase this again and recommend it to anyone!

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    This teeth whiting kit is unlike others. I started seeing results on day 2.

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    Instructions were easy to follow. It comes with a lot of gel so you can keep using this until you get your desired whiteness. Whitened my teeth after first application.

  602. Lucile Ferguson  Verified Purchase

    I cant believe I waited this long to try one of these kits. Worked good and for a cheap price!

  603. Randall Berg  Verified Purchase

    It’s super easy to use and my teeth were not sensitive using this teeth whitener.

  604. Betty Pace  Verified Purchase

    Not sure what else to say besides it did work really well for my husband and I.

  605. Jerome Moody  Verified Purchase

    My teeth look whiter! Definitely recommend it.

  606. Horacio McCain  Verified Purchase

    Love that there is a customer service page on the website! Most teeth whitening companies are fly by night. You earned a new customer for life!

  607. Granville Cantu  Verified Purchase

    It’s simple to use, doesn’t have a bad taste, and works.

  608. Margarito Pineda  Verified Purchase

    Great product! Wow!

  609. Mindy Peterson  Verified Purchase

    Good product and no sensitivity experienced!

  610. Marquis Werner  Verified Purchase

    These definitely worked better than I expected and it was way easier than using the white strips like I have used in the past.

  611. Ashlee Payne  Verified Purchase

    Wanted to whiten my teeth before the summer came and I was very happy with the results. Going to grab another one to have on deck for later in the summer also. Great product. Fast Shipping. Overall just a great experience.

  612. Taylor Reyes  Verified Purchase

    Finally one that works!

  613. Esmeralda Bryan  Verified Purchase

    Very nice teeth whitening kit.

  614. Alissa Rosario  Verified Purchase

    Follow the instructions and it does what it claims. Happy with the customer service also.

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    It only takes ten minutes to whiten your teeth each time.

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    Worth my money! $$$

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    So happy that I bought this and this is definitely my favorite teeth whitening kit now.

  618. Hassan Strong  Verified Purchase

    I would recommend this to anyone. For the price its a great deal.

  619. Mario Boone  Verified Purchase

    Hurt my gums too much :/

  620. Deloris Stone  Verified Purchase

    A friend recommended this product to me. Worked like they said it would.

  621. Milagros Booth  Verified Purchase

    Whitened really well.

  622. Otto Morse  Verified Purchase

    5 stars. I have clearly seen great results.

  623. Jules Ayers  Verified Purchase

    This product is amazing! Always hesitant to trust teeth whitening products but this was amazing!

  624. Elroy Hays  Verified Purchase

    You actually see a big difference after the first use!

  625. Brooke Huffman  Verified Purchase

    This kit is complete with everything you need and very easy to use.

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    So easy to use and it really works. Great product. I would buy again.

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    Super easy to use!

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    This was perfect, affordable and user friendly!

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    Easy to use!

  630. Elvin Camacho  Verified Purchase

    There is plenty of whitening gel tp last several months.

  631. Jackson Esparza  Verified Purchase

    My teeth are white! This is amazing! I highly recommend this!

  632. Erna Pugh  Verified Purchase

    Used this for 8 days and it worked perfectly!!!

  633. Beverly Mercado  Verified Purchase

    I’ve already noticed a difference within a week of using it.

  634. Garret Wiggins  Verified Purchase

    Everything was packaged so well and the instructions were easy to understand.

  635. Max Walters  Verified Purchase

    Great way to maintain white teeth at home. Very easy to use.

  636. Celeste Bullock  Verified Purchase

    AAAAAAAAAAAAA+++++++++++ Love mine!

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    I was pleasantly surprised. Worked much better then I would have imagined for this price point. Happy with the purchase and would gladly tell friends to give it a try!

  638. Nathanael Maxwell  Verified Purchase

    Fast shipment and nice whitening results.

  639. Sydney Winters  Verified Purchase

    This product was as good as the one my dentist sold me for $350!

  640. Quinn Howard  Verified Purchase

    I recommend!

  641. Zachery Shepard  Verified Purchase

    Works well, especially for the price. Much easier to use than whitening strips.

  642. Clare Trujillo  Verified Purchase

    It comes with several whitening gel refills. Great value for sure!

  643. Johnathon Jennings  Verified Purchase

    My teeth showed a difference in color and were whiter after a couple uses.

  644. Janie Warren  Verified Purchase

    I used it with the light for 10 minutes a day for a week. I had no tooth sensitivity. Good results and very affordable.

  645. Thanh Hubbard  Verified Purchase

    I was very satisfied with it.

  646. Dee Graves  Verified Purchase

    For its price, this is a great one.

  647. Rudolph Ryan  Verified Purchase

    The price is great because this kit comes with so much gel. Directions are easy also.

  648. Lindsay Douglas  Verified Purchase

    Great product I really recommend it.

  649. Frederick Chang  Verified Purchase

    Great price for what you get.

  650. Darrel Snyder  Verified Purchase

    I could see a difference after the first treatment.

  651. Pearlie Arias  Verified Purchase

    I would definitely buy this again.

  652. Elvis Gallegos  Verified Purchase

    This is a great kit it has everything you need to either whiten your teeth!

  653. Margret McFarland  Verified Purchase

    Verrrrry happy with my results! My family noticed. Made me feel good!

  654. Nolan Ballard  Verified Purchase

    Lost of gel, teeth were whiter after just a couple uses. 5 star review from me.

  655. Dolores McBride  Verified Purchase

    This is easy to use and works good!!!

  656. Daron Johnson  Verified Purchase

    I been using and I have notice my teeth get whiter each time.

  657. Leland Zhang  Verified Purchase

    Happy with what this did to my teeth. Easy to use. Minimal effort. Just how I like it!

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    A plus results. A plus review.

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    I was recommended this teeth whitening kit by a friend and I have to say I really love it.

  660. Chuck Haynes  Verified Purchase

    Great results. Will buy again. And suggest to friends looking for the same.

  661. Teresa O’Donnell  Verified Purchase

    I bought two teeth whitening kits. One for me and one for my fiance. Our teeth were much whiter at the end.

  662. Corey Hines  Verified Purchase

    I was skeptical at first! Super easy to use also!

  663. Jimmy Harrell  Verified Purchase

    Great 😀 😀 😀

  664. April Terry  Verified Purchase

    Soooo good!

  665. Galen Stein  Verified Purchase

    Tried them all. All were pretty much the same results. Not sure why but this forumla removed stains fast. The shade of white I hit was impressive.

  666. Wiley Robbins  Verified Purchase

    Worked good for me. Still a lot of gel left over. Maybe will do a touch up every month with the extra tooth whitening gel tubes it came with.

  667. Carmella Clayton  Verified Purchase

    I love how much product comes with it.

  668. Felecia Good  Verified Purchase


  669. Rigoberto Vasquez  Verified Purchase

    I would buy again if I ever wanted to do another teeth whitening round.

  670. Merlin Hess  Verified Purchase

    For this price you won’t find better teeth whitening anywhere!

  671. Gerald Lawrence  Verified Purchase

    Thanks for the over the top customer service. I appreciate what you did for me ! <3

  672. Kasey Christian  Verified Purchase

    Happy! A+ results.

  673. Wilfredo Lozano  Verified Purchase

    I think it did an ok job on my teeth.

  674. Judy Lyons  Verified Purchase

    Going to get one for my husband also!

  675. Cheri Armstrong  Verified Purchase

    Random purchase but glad I did. Never thought I could remove years of stains so effortlessly.

  676. Marion Watson  Verified Purchase

    I really like how fast it worked. I am impatient so that was nice.

  677. Noreen Carter  Verified Purchase

    Did its job and did it well.

  678. Dixie Clements  Verified Purchase

    Kicking off 2018 with a white smile is the way to go!

  679. Nadia Mccormick  Verified Purchase

    Never thought I’d find a good one of these on Instagram. Worked nice!

  680. Hattie Forbes  Verified Purchase

    I feel like a movie star now 😛

  681. Ernest Reeves  Verified Purchase

    It is a good product very affordable.

  682. Jules Stephens  Verified Purchase

    This kit worked. I never tried any of them before. I feel like I got lucky going with this one.

  683. Mercedes Huber  Verified Purchase

    This kit is compact, easy to carry around and take with me to trips. I tried 2 times so far and already can see the difference in teeth color.

  684. Jeremiah Silva  Verified Purchase

    Not sure what else I can say. It works!

  685. Lolita Galvan  Verified Purchase

    5 starz from me!

  686. Pat Higgins  Verified Purchase

    After finishing a week of applications I am happy with what this did for me.

  687. Timothy Yates  Verified Purchase

    After using it for a week I stopped. Teeth were white and I started to feel a little discomfort on my gums. Overall it’s a good product and worth the price.

  688. Broderick Hodge  Verified Purchase

    Great results. Have a happy new year!!!!!

  689. Moses Huber  Verified Purchase

    Was going to buy this and I got distracted and forgot to checkout. Got an email the next day reminding me that I didn’t complete my order with a coupon code! Very nice touch! Got it and the results were great. Thanks guys!

  690. Federico Sandoval  Verified Purchase

    I noticed a difference after 1st treatment.

  691. Fay Larsen  Verified Purchase

    Gives you dentist office results!

  692. Jordan Hill  Verified Purchase

    This is easy to use and works great!

  693. Kate Morales  Verified Purchase

    We love your teeth whitening kit!

  694. Xavier Kemp  Verified Purchase

    Instructions were clear and the gel didn’t hurt my teeth at all.

  695. Tina Leonard  Verified Purchase

    This was the best deal I could find. You get a lot more gels for a lower price.

  696. Daryl Cohen  Verified Purchase

    It’s easy to use and works very well.

  697. Cheryl Lambert  Verified Purchase

    This gel works better than what I purchases from my dentist before but at a small fraction of the cost. I highly recommend it.

  698. Kenneth Ellison  Verified Purchase

    I love love love love this whitening kit!

  699. Man Fuller  Verified Purchase

    Works great and made my teeth nice and white.

  700. Wilbur Brennan  Verified Purchase

    I noticed a nice difference after the second use and after the full week my teeth transformed. I was blown ayay actually.

  701. Reva Jackson  Verified Purchase

    It works, it’s affordable, and it comes with a lot of gel to whiten.

  702. Alexandria Huff  Verified Purchase

    Noticed a big difference just after one use.

  703. Dave Wilkins  Verified Purchase

    I love this teeth whitening product!

  704. June Thompson  Verified Purchase

    Just finished day seven of teeth whitening and I am pleasantly surprised…it works!

  705. Johnnie Manning  Verified Purchase

    This product works. And very well.

  706. Karl Wiley  Verified Purchase

    Strong formula. Works. Happy customer.

  707. Phil Branch  Verified Purchase

    Would buy again yes.

  708. Del Ford  Verified Purchase

    Just under a week and I already see diminished stains. Great product!

  709. Werner Duffy  Verified Purchase

    Product works well compared to other whitening kits I purchased online. Very happy with results!

  710. Wyatt Ramsey  Verified Purchase

    I got a “Wow nice” response from everyone that saw. Great!

  711. Landon Bray  Verified Purchase

    I highly recommend this product. Get one if you want results.

  712. Tammie Donovan  Verified Purchase


  713. Kenya Orozco  Verified Purchase

    I noticed a difference the first time I used this whitening gel.

  714. Ervin Chapman  Verified Purchase

    Awesome stuff. Worked great.

  715. Buster Warren  Verified Purchase

    The difference in the shade of the teeth is obvious. Thank you!

  716. Dwayne Ortega  Verified Purchase

    Instructions are really easy to follow and it’s a simple and cost effective way to whiten your teeth at home.

  717. Antony Cordova  Verified Purchase

    Does the job it says it will. Wish these would get the back teeth but guess that would be hard to go. But it worked.

  718. Francisca Phelps  Verified Purchase

    I saw very fast results so that is great!

  719. Warner Zuniga  Verified Purchase

    This is a really strong formula!

  720. Dennis Ochoa  Verified Purchase

    This kit did an awesome job! I felt it was simple to use.

  721. Melisa Livingston  Verified Purchase

    Strong! Got some serious staining off my teeth.

  722. Serena Ellis  Verified Purchase

    Very very easy to use. Happy and will buy again when it’s time.

  723. Reyes Tucker  Verified Purchase

    This is great. I saw results after just my second day. And they continued to impress.

  724. Brooke Leonard  Verified Purchase

    Amazed at how quick it started working. Mint flavor made it a bit more manageable also.

  725. Leroy Stark  Verified Purchase

    White teeth for less than the cost of going out to dinner for one. Great deal!

  726. August Dean  Verified Purchase

    I definitely recommend!

  727. Elise Sutton  Verified Purchase

    This is the first teeth whitening kit that has given me immediate results.

  728. Otto Hunt  Verified Purchase

    Got it quickly and for the price you can’t go wrong.

  729. Florence Burnett  Verified Purchase

    Wanted to try something new and this delivered what I wanted. Fast shipping. Great communication. And a product that works. 5 stars from me.

  730. Latisha Greene  Verified Purchase

    Very affordable option that works!

  731. Lawanda Tyler  Verified Purchase

    Definitely noticed a big improvement. Going to do another round next month.

  732. Jana Barrett  Verified Purchase

    Tip: you don’t have to mold the trays. Just use them as is. Much easier!!!

  733. Janis Frederick  Verified Purchase

    There’s enough for several treatments in the box. Over all, it’s a good purchase.

  734. Randolph Kane  Verified Purchase

    I’m basically the new George Clooney with my new simle. Joking, but this does work great. White teeth are easy with this.

  735. Sylvia Shea  Verified Purchase

    I am a very satisfied customer!

  736. Selma Dorsey  Verified Purchase

    I am so HAPPY about my results! Thanks!

  737. Alyson Russo  Verified Purchase

    Hurt my gums.

  738. Cleveland Craig  Verified Purchase

    If you’re considering purchasing this teeth whitener I highly recommend it!

  739. Luciano Lozano  Verified Purchase

    I am definitely getting another kit for maintenance.

  740. Terri Carpenter  Verified Purchase

    This wiped off coffee stains like they were never there!

  741. Michele Nash  Verified Purchase

    You’ll love your results like I did!

  742. Deangelo Davila  Verified Purchase

    Overall, most of these kits have the same peroxide formula it seems and they really do whiten fast!

  743. Amos Werner  Verified Purchase

    I get so many complements on my smile now. Feels great to he able to smile with confidence! 🙂

  744. Shelby Myers  Verified Purchase

    I had professional whitening done before and had results that weren’t as good as this. The price of this compared to the results is impressive.

  745. Myles Skinner  Verified Purchase

    I have to say this kit is great! I have had whitening done at a dental office in the past and this did the same but way cheaper.

  746. Robert Strickland  Verified Purchase

    This kit has been a game changer for me as I love coffee but not coffee stained teeth! Best of both worlds!!!!

  747. Brian Spence  Verified Purchase

    It really is easy to use and the strength of the gel gives this a 5 star rating from me.

  748. Chris Camacho  Verified Purchase

    There is clear instructions in the box that guide you through how to do the whitening.

  749. Dominick Terrell  Verified Purchase

    Happily leaving a 5-star review!

  750. Lea Mckay  Verified Purchase

    Very effective at whitening teeth.

  751. Weldon Proctor  Verified Purchase

    used for a little longer than suggested because I wanted extreme results and that is what I got! 😀

  752. Bennett Montgomery  Verified Purchase

    Quite impressed!

  753. Horace Barnes  Verified Purchase

    You just put the gel on the tray or directly on your teeth and put the tray in and then place the light in front. So easy!

  754. Jarred Kemp  Verified Purchase

    Worth the price because it works. Wish I tried it sooner.

  755. Bruce Finley  Verified Purchase

    This is a great whitening system that’s easy to set up and use and gets results.

  756. Katie Riggs  Verified Purchase

    When you take the trays out of your mouth do it over your sink…so much drool lol. Great results!

  757. Traci Lowe  Verified Purchase

    What a great price. Not sure why anyone would pay a dentist $500 for whitening when this does the same.

  758. Juan Kim  Verified Purchase

    Zero complaints. I have purchased a lot of things online over the years and sometimes you get disappointed. This wasn’t one of those cases. It worked great. Came to me within days. Pleasant experience from start to finish.

  759. Allyson Walker  Verified Purchase

    Can’t recommend highly enough at this price.

  760. Jasper Bradshaw  Verified Purchase

    I have tried a few different teeth whiteners in the past with so so results. This one made a dent in my stains after just a couple nights and at the end my teeth looked great. 5 stars well earned.

  761. Refugio Zuniga  Verified Purchase

    Thanks for a great product that actually works.

  762. Aline Hudson  Verified Purchase

    I was skeptical buying this at first because there are so many options and I didn’t know what one to get. But the results were great so I picked the right one.

  763. Josefina Hayden  Verified Purchase

    Teeth are whiter!

  764. Demetrius Shaffer  Verified Purchase

    10 years ago you had to pay $750 at your dentist to get white teeth. Now for less then 10% of that you can do it at home. Amazing!

  765. Alejandro Boyle  Verified Purchase

    I am so impressed and happy that I took a chance on this kit! Much better then the pens I have tried. Fast results. Powerful gel!

  766. Milo Berry  Verified Purchase

    This kit whitened my teeth in 7 applications and I still have more gel to use to keep them white.

  767. Lenora Paul  Verified Purchase

    The whitening effect can be seen easily and my teeth are very white.

  768. John Lane  Verified Purchase

    My teeth got a little whiter after each use.

  769. Dena Foley  Verified Purchase

    For the price this is great quality.

  770. Kip Cardenas  Verified Purchase

    Works well and not painful at all. Definitely recommend.

  771. Emil Casey  Verified Purchase

    It is an affordable way to whiten your teeth.

  772. Ginger Wise  Verified Purchase

    For the price, you can’t beat this.

  773. Hiram Washington  Verified Purchase

    This product really worked well for me!

  774. Tara Peters  Verified Purchase

    Such a good deal for what you get.

  775. Lydia Howell  Verified Purchase

    Easy peasy way to whiter teeth.

  776. Fermin Wallace  Verified Purchase

    The instructions on the website made it easy to follow. Happy customer here!

  777. Sonny Daugherty  Verified Purchase

    I’m satisfied with this whitening kit and that says a lot because I drink wine (a lot lol) so I needed something strong!

  778. Bridgett Lutz  Verified Purchase

    Very happy with this and the price!

  779. Andre Love  Verified Purchase

    Ordered Tuesday and came Thursday. Now that is what I call service!

  780. Kara Acosta  Verified Purchase

    The kit is easy to use and comes with clear instructions. I am very happy.

  781. Patti Davis  Verified Purchase

    Love that you don’t need to buy a ton of gel refills. Amazing value here.

  782. Liliana Jarvis  Verified Purchase

    Purchase, purchase, purchase! It’s really that good!

  783. Franklin Hart  Verified Purchase

    I am satisfied with this teeth whitening kit.

  784. Robin Robertson  Verified Purchase

    I saw a noticeable difference after two uses.

  785. Michele Curtis  Verified Purchase

    The first kit I have purchased that actually worked well!

  786. Teri Rangel  Verified Purchase

    I saw results after the very first time I used this whitening kit.

  787. Margie Freeman  Verified Purchase

    This product is quite surprising. Very good results.

  788. Hazel Zhang  Verified Purchase

    It was simple to use and wasn’t uncomfortable.

  789. Wayne Spears  Verified Purchase

    Zero sensitivity after using this which was a big concern for me.

  790. Ronnie Leon  Verified Purchase

    More comfortable in your mouth than the strips and easier to keep in place.

  791. Leah Gaines  Verified Purchase

    This is a great do it yourself at home teeth whitener kit.

  792. Roger Hoover  Verified Purchase

    I like that this has the highest concentration of peroxide available for home whitening.

  793. Caitlin Ramos  Verified Purchase

    Yes it whitens.

  794. Theron Blackwell  Verified Purchase

    Product shipped super fast! But the results are what matter and I am happy with how my teeth turned out.

  795. Lenny Wiley  Verified Purchase

    I literally never leave reviews, but this deserves one. Great product and friendly customer support.

  796. Gwen Yates  Verified Purchase

    This kit is the real deal. Maximum strength gel for sure because it wipes stains away so fast.

  797. Marion Huynh  Verified Purchase

    Lots of teeth whitening gel for the price.

  798. Monica Wey  Verified Purchase

    Easy, low cost product for anyone wanting to try a teeth whitening product!

  799. Charlotte Poole  Verified Purchase

    The first time I couldn’t tell a difference, but after that I started noticing my teeth getting whiter!

  800. Sharon Bryant  Verified Purchase


  801. Malinda Roach  Verified Purchase

    TBH this gives the results that professional whitening does.

  802. Tammi Holt  Verified Purchase

    Saw this on a beauty blog and gave it a shot. Low price so wasn’t expecting a lot but it did a great job! A+

  803. Fletcher Barron  Verified Purchase

    Showed up fast and worked great!

  804. Clyde Li  Verified Purchase

    I definitely noticed a difference in the whiteness of my smile.

  805. Sonja Hoffman  Verified Purchase

    Couldn’t ask for anything better and it is a great price also.

  806. Abram Ortiz  Verified Purchase

    Was doubtful that this whitening kit could be as good as the reviews claimed, but was very pleasantly surprised. Worked as well as others have said.

  807. Kim Huerta  Verified Purchase

    5 star whitening power!

  808. Brittany Martin  Verified Purchase

    Super easy to use and very pleased with how it worked!

  809. Lorenzo Carey  Verified Purchase

    I have tried other ones and this is by far the best one.

  810. Len Simmons  Verified Purchase

    This is one of the best teeth whitening systems I’ve used.

  811. Maritza Miller  Verified Purchase

    These products never work on my teeth 🙁

  812. Fern Jacobson  Verified Purchase

    Order this whitening kit you will not be disappointed.

  813. Leola Blair  Verified Purchase

    Pretty straight forward instructions (easy to use) and not to mention it delivers results results results!

  814. Ken Cherry  Verified Purchase

    Overall I’d highly recommend trying this. I’ll definitely be buying one again.

  815. Brad Roberts  Verified Purchase

    Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! My teeth are so much whiter now.

  816. Catalina Mills  Verified Purchase

    After just ONE use I immediately saw a significant difference in my teeth shade. You got a new customer here for life.

  817. Felipe Contreras  Verified Purchase

    I absolutely love the results!

  818. Buddy Rocha  Verified Purchase

    Easy to understand directions and easy to use!

  819. Jaclyn Hall  Verified Purchase

    My teeth are much brighter!

  820. Annmarie Parrish  Verified Purchase

    Came super fast and gave me great results.

  821. Ellsworth Austin  Verified Purchase

    My teeth were whitened nice just as I hoped.

  822. Jasper Mueller  Verified Purchase

    I’m surprised how well this kit works especially for the price!

  823. Erma Brennan  Verified Purchase

    Made such a difference after just the first time using it!

  824. Issac Villanueva  Verified Purchase

    It is very easy to use and you can just whiten your teeth while watching tv.

  825. Paula Harper  Verified Purchase

    Happy to have found an affordable way to whiten my teeth.

  826. Sheri Solomon  Verified Purchase

    Applications were very easy and there was no sensitivity.

  827. Theo Evans  Verified Purchase

    I definitely recommend this to those interested in a whitening product that will actually work and not just try to sell you more gel refills!

  828. Enid Vargas  Verified Purchase

    Started working right away. It worked great so it’s highly recommend.

  829. Royce Dickerson  Verified Purchase

    This product is easy to use and provides promising results.

  830. Annie Neal  Verified Purchase

    Woud reccomend this over others I have used before.

  831. Wallace Owen  Verified Purchase

    Great results….fast, affordable and got my teeth nice and white.

  832. Zackary Kane  Verified Purchase

    Have only used once but like the mouth tray because it fits so easily into mouth without jamming teeth.

  833. Frankie Blair  Verified Purchase

    For the price and convenience this is the way to go!

  834. Rowena Montgomery  Verified Purchase

    I definitely recommend this product to others interested in whiter teeth!

  835. Ina Kelly  Verified Purchase

    You definitely see a difference in your teeth after the first couple applicaitons of the whitening gel.

  836. Gustavo Richard  Verified Purchase

    I really love my results and new smile. I totally recommend it!

  837. Merlin Rios  Verified Purchase

    Good teeth whitening product. I could see it working right away.

  838. Julian Payne  Verified Purchase

    I absolutely loved this kit and the whitening capabilities of the gel.

  839. Columbus Bray  Verified Purchase

    I tried numerous products (strips also) but this seem to work the best. Easy to use, affordable, and shipped fast.

  840. Douglas Bradford  Verified Purchase

    I am impressed with Sexy Smile Kit!

  841. Ashlee Navarro  Verified Purchase

    Results after the first use and easy to use.

  842. Mitzi Callahan  Verified Purchase

    I will definitely buy this kit again, it works!

  843. Zackary Chavez  Verified Purchase

    Very easy to use and I was surprised on how quickly it whitened my teeth!

  844. Rob Pittman  Verified Purchase

    I used mine while getting ready for bed in the evenings. Worked really good for me.

  845. Chung Acosta  Verified Purchase

    I have used a few different teeth whitening kits and this was exactly what I was hoping for!

  846. Sue Bass  Verified Purchase

    Can’t find anything that works this good at this kind of price. Highly recommend.

  847. Percy Melendez  Verified Purchase

    Wasn’t thinking it would produce results like many said because it was priced low. Happy I was wrong. Did a great job on my teeth.

  848. Briana Duran  Verified Purchase

    Came across this on Instagram and figured why not try. Overall great results. Can’t find a teeth whitening product with this much gel serum for this price. FIVE STARS!

  849. Bettie Bruce  Verified Purchase

    Whitened my teeth drastically.

  850. Kory Mullins  Verified Purchase

    So these work better then the dental whitening strips I’ve been using. 5 Stars!

  851. Raquel Mitchell  Verified Purchase

    After 7 days I was smiling wide to show off the new white chompers! 🙂

  852. Jan Kent  Verified Purchase

    Def noticed it working after day two. Got better each day. Impressive whitening product.

  853. Lois Dickson  Verified Purchase

    Whitened my teeth good.

  854. Burl Leblanc  Verified Purchase

    Priduct is great but even more great is the customer service and attention to detail as well as resonse time. I deleted the email with my tracking number by mistake and reached out to see if they could send it to me again. I received a nice email with the tracking code and link within 10 minutes! Now that is what I call customer service!!!

  855. Dirk Johnson  Verified Purchase

    Impressed especially with the low price!

  856. Linda Rodriguez  Verified Purchase

    10 of 10

  857. Gaston Cantu  Verified Purchase


  858. Lawrence Rangel  Verified Purchase

    Could see my teeth were getting whiter within two days.

  859. Noe Day  Verified Purchase

    This kit is affordable and easy to use. I saw visible results after only a few applications.

  860. Titus Bentley  Verified Purchase

    One of the best home teeth whiteners I’ve used.

  861. Goldie Glass  Verified Purchase

    Will definitely be telling friends about this. Best part is it ships from the USA!

  862. Duncan Larsen  Verified Purchase

    I’m happy to say this product works and is very reasonably priced.

  863. Hosea Jennings  Verified Purchase

    I know EVERYONE always says this, but I really have never written a review before but this really warrants one. Great results and a great price. I am so happy with how it worked!

  864. Tomas Barton  Verified Purchase

    Easy to use and one of the better kits I have used. Very happy and will purchase again.

  865. Lorene Alexander  Verified Purchase

    Easy to use and less expensive compared to others. Results were fast and I definitely would recommend.

  866. Deanne Branch  Verified Purchase

    A huge improvement over the whitening strips I was using in the past.

  867. Rhea Keith  Verified Purchase

    I will be buying it again.

  868. Rebecca Joseph  Verified Purchase

    Overall, it is absolutely worth it! My teeth are whiter.

  869. Glenda Mendez  Verified Purchase

    The light was so easy to place in my mouth and I used as I relaed at night. Great results as well.

  870. Houston Howe  Verified Purchase

    This product worked quickly and I found it to be as effective as the one I got from my dentist last year.

  871. Orval Townsend  Verified Purchase

    Shipping was so fast. Good company to buy from.

  872. Robin Doyle  Verified Purchase

    Enough teeth whitening gel tubes to use several times times.

  873. Irene Washington  Verified Purchase

    Simple product. No silly advertising or marketing. Just a product that delivers results. I respect that!

  874. Wilfredo Hopkins  Verified Purchase

    Right out of the box it is ready to use and it works fine.

  875. Dewayne Hutchinson  Verified Purchase

    The delivered whiter teeth faster than expected!

  876. Ken Compton  Verified Purchase

    I am more than happy with this teeth whitener!!

  877. Aldo Ferguson  Verified Purchase

    I have used many tooth whitening products and this kit is equal if not better than ones I have purchased from my dentist in the past (for way more money).

  878. Isabelle Melton  Verified Purchase

    Came with everything I needed to make my teeth white again!

  879. Carmela Sexton  Verified Purchase

    This is a great buy!

  880. Sabrina Hodge  Verified Purchase

    I will be a repeat customer for sure!

  881. Lindsay Adams  Verified Purchase

    Easy to use and results were evident after the the first use.

  882. Brooke Choi  Verified Purchase

    This is the best product for teeth whitening! It is inexpensive and works so good!

  883. Adan Barrera  Verified Purchase

    It works and the price is amazing.

  884. Dino Hendrix  Verified Purchase

    Quick shipping and great teeth whitening product perfect for home use. I was a bit worried about the gel being uncomfortable, but once I figured out the right amount to put on the trays so there wasn’t extra pushed up on my gums. It was a breeze.

  885. Eugenia Russo  Verified Purchase

    For the price it does a very good job.

  886. Kitty Winters  Verified Purchase

    I found this kit online and it had good reviews and a reasonable price.

  887. Imogene Keith  Verified Purchase

    You want whiter teeth? Simple. Use this. It works fast.

  888. Alec Morgan  Verified Purchase

    Definitely recommended!!!

  889. Eddy Faulkner  Verified Purchase

    I did notice a slight shade difference.

  890. Blanca Hubbard  Verified Purchase

    I received enough gel to exceed the recommended 7 days of whitening for touch ups. I would def purchase again!

  891. Janet Moses  Verified Purchase

    I love this teeth whitening kit! You get so much for the low price.

  892. Liliana Mayo  Verified Purchase

    The best results I have gotten from a home kit like this.

  893. Kendrick Odom  Verified Purchase

    Fast shipping and everything was as described.

  894. Alberto Reed  Verified Purchase

    Works. Just be careful not to put too much gel because otherwise it will bother your gums.

  895. Deborah Larsen  Verified Purchase

    I have used so many other kinds of whitening products in the past…strips, mouthwash, toothpaste. Each time I used this my teeth got a shade whiter. Would definitely recommend!

  896. Wilbur Mason  Verified Purchase

    Great results. Just be sure to open the light and remove the little plastic thing on the battery. It took me a while to figure out why the light wasn’t turning on. I imagine this is done so the light doesn’t turn on and kill your battery during shipping.

  897. Stewart Mendoza  Verified Purchase

    I would strongly recommend this product to anyone looking for a whiter smile.

  898. Josephine Newman  Verified Purchase

    I got his for my boyfriend and I and wel love it!!!

  899. Carol Vasquez  Verified Purchase

    I was really surprised how well this worked after just one use. The price is so low I honestly thought it would not work. I was WRONG.

  900. Corine Hanna  Verified Purchase

    I tried this out and noticed a big difference after two uses. I will be purchasing again and recommending to everyone I know.

  901. Faustino Welch  Verified Purchase

    Easy to use! I have been looking for something to help whiten my teeth from all the coffee I drink.

  902. Martina Spears  Verified Purchase

    Was my first time using a teeth whitening product and I love what it did.

  903. Claud Lawson  Verified Purchase

    This kit is super easy to use for people who want professional results at home.

  904. Angela Buck  Verified Purchase

    The cheapest but most effective teeth whitening kit you can buy.

  905. Lyle Gould  Verified Purchase

    Best value for your money!

  906. Nolan Calhoun  Verified Purchase

    I like how this product is no frills and easy to use straight out of the package.

  907. Eliza Baker  Verified Purchase

    Super impressed! Big time teeth shade improvement.

  908. Everette Fritz  Verified Purchase

    I think this is great and a great price!

  909. Garret Jennings  Verified Purchase

    Worked amazing!

  910. Antonio Bond  Verified Purchase

    Does what it says it will do. Helped my teeth become whiter. I have no complaints.

  911. Melanie Wong  Verified Purchase

    This really works!

  912. Vera Cobb  Verified Purchase

    My order came in fast with everything included and it was very simple to use. Love my teeth after a week of using it!

  913. Clemente Lozano  Verified Purchase

    I cannot believe how affordable this was and how easy it was to make the trays fit your teeth.

  914. Lamar Parker  Verified Purchase

    I was worried about the quality of this kit because of the low price compared to others, but now I’m glad I saved money for great results.

  915. Jane Mercer  Verified Purchase

    Very awesome especially for the price! I will be ordering again.

  916. Aurora Galloway  Verified Purchase

    Amazing and works quick.

  917. Cara Salinas  Verified Purchase

    Overall I saw results almost instantly.

  918. Amber Raymond  Verified Purchase

    If you are interested in buying a teeth whitening kit without having to spend much this is the perfect one!

  919. Robert Fields  Verified Purchase

    I have used a few of these kits and was happy with this one, as it was very easy to use.

  920. Marcellus Andrews  Verified Purchase

    My teeth are so white. I’m happy! Totally recommend to everyone.

  921. Lynda Watts  Verified Purchase

    Gel syringes go a lot further than you think. Did one cycle and have enough left over for severla more. Nice bonus!

  922. Garfield Cameron  Verified Purchase

    Totally worth it. Such a good product.

  923. Marcos Burnett  Verified Purchase

    Results were ok.

  924. Carroll Valentine  Verified Purchase

    Will be buying again this but time for the whole family.

  925. Rhett Wagner  Verified Purchase

    Excellent price and product. Saved a lot of money over professional teeth whitening.

  926. Sonja Lynn  Verified Purchase

    Good products. Arrived fast.

  927. Marion Beck  Verified Purchase

    Overall great product and great results!!

  928. Bertie Gutierrez  Verified Purchase

    I absolutely love what this does without having to spend a lot of money.

  929. Timmy Dowd  Verified Purchase

    The best tooth whitening I have ever used!

  930. Myra Austin  Verified Purchase

    Want to get my husband a kit now also!

  931. Preston Kostek  Verified Purchase

    Best results I have seen after trying a lot of different ones.

  932. Sean Bean  Verified Purchase

    Removed all my stains and teeth are noticeably whiter.

  933. David Reed  Verified Purchase

    Easier to use than I imagined. 10 minutes a night for a week is a small price to pay for white teeth.

  934. Emory Buchanan  Verified Purchase

    Got a new sales job so I wanted to whiten my teeth and this did the trick. Can’t tell you how much more confidence white teeth will give you!

  935. Renee Golden  Verified Purchase

    Definitely whitened my teeth better then anything I tried in the past. Will be a repeat customer.

  936. Earnest Wallace  Verified Purchase

    My dentist was going to charge me $400 for a kit. Glad I found this on Google instead.

  937. Marlon Adkins  Verified Purchase

    Do yourself a favor and get this kit. Priced right. Results are great.

  938. Julian Hawkins  Verified Purchase

    Super effective and easy!

  939. Jeffrey Carroll  Verified Purchase

    The instructions were simple and straight forward yet detailed.

  940. Pearl Willis  Verified Purchase

    Simple and straight forward to use and worked really well whitening my teeth!

  941. Lynwood Rosario  Verified Purchase

    My teeth have never been so white!

  942. Giovanni Frey  Verified Purchase

    Removed stains and yellow color as advertised.

  943. Ross Barrett  Verified Purchase

    Saw a difference after a few treatments and I drink a lot of coffee. It removed a lot of stains! Very impressed!

  944. Roberto Harrell  Verified Purchase

    Although I usually don’t write reviews I wanted to take the time to say this works great. I’ve used other teeth whitening kits out there but nothing compares to this. Will purchase again for sure.

  945. Ahmed Vance  Verified Purchase

    Used before work retreat and happy with the confidence boost I got.

  946. Rodrick Shaw  Verified Purchase

    Came quick and worked just as stated!

  947. Theresa Duran  Verified Purchase

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this whitening kit.

  948. Junior Rush  Verified Purchase

    By far the best teeth whitening kits available!

  949. Althea Alvarez  Verified Purchase

    Couldn’t be more happier. 5!

  950. Emily Shah  Verified Purchase

    Removed coffee stains so I’m happy.

  951. Giuseppe Nixon  Verified Purchase

    It comes with everything you need and straight forward directions that leave you with whiter teeth!

  952. Jamie Levy  Verified Purchase

    Was wondering if these work. Glad I tried it because my teeth got nice and white.

  953. Mayra Snyder  Verified Purchase

    I’ve heard stories that teeth whitening makes your teeth sensitive but this wasn’t the case with me.

  954. Sung Brewer  Verified Purchase

    I was impressed with how good it worked!

  955. Maxine Roman  Verified Purchase

    For the money this product is good!

  956. Lena Taylor  Verified Purchase

    I’m a smoker and a coffee drinker. After 5 days worth of treatments my teeth were noticeably whiter.

  957. Francis Huerta  Verified Purchase

    I saw this and decided to give it a try. It worked wonders on my teeth. Super white!

  958. Scott Finley  Verified Purchase

    It’s an amazing kit for a awesome price!!

  959. Carlo Morse  Verified Purchase

    I’ve used whitening strips for years and haven’t gotten the results that I got with this kit. Get one if you want the real deal results.

  960. Katy Booker  Verified Purchase

    I will never use a different whitening product again. Can’t beat this value.

  961. Michel Suarez  Verified Purchase

    Great if you have an event coming up and don’t want to spend a lot of money on professional whitening from your dentist.

  962. Bethany Coffey  Verified Purchase

    Overall I am happy with what this did to my teeth. Value is good.

  963. Tyrell Gray  Verified Purchase

    The price is unbeatable and the results are great. I highly recommend it!

  964. Demetrius Hinton  Verified Purchase

    Nice and white after one use. Did it for a week and happy. Will buy again.

  965. Michelle Archer  Verified Purchase

    Super fast shipping and this product is a great deal for the price!

  966. Patrice Trujillo  Verified Purchase

    Easy to apply. Works really well!

  967. Todd Herring  Verified Purchase

    Was my first time using a led teeth whitening kit. Happy with the end results. A+++

  968. Booker Andrade  Verified Purchase

    Saw great results and was a confidence booster for me.

  969. Ivy Glover  Verified Purchase

    I would recommend and will repurchase! Great product!!!

  970. Liza Best  Verified Purchase

    Happy I ordered thıs. It was easy to use and I saw a big differences in the color of my teeth.

  971. Gladys Dorsey  Verified Purchase

    Great price and fast shipping. It was very easy to use!

  972. Maxwell Lin  Verified Purchase

    Happy with this item and how it worked on my teeth.

  973. Desiree Shields  Verified Purchase

    Would highly recommend it to anyone wanting whiter teeth in a short amount of time. One week is all it took for me.

  974. Mike Hahn  Verified Purchase

    I’m super glad I got this. Definitely a great deal for what you get for the money!

  975. Emmitt Stevenson  Verified Purchase

    Absolutely satisfied with the results. This is the best teeth whitening product I have tried!

  976. Marcie Hogan  Verified Purchase

    So much better than the strips…just way more effective.

  977. Tameka Reeves  Verified Purchase

    5 stars

  978. Willa Daugherty  Verified Purchase

    Works wonderfully!

  979. Tyrone Rodgers  Verified Purchase

    It’s easy and low maintenance and I noticed great whitening improvements.

  980. Ana Lynch  Verified Purchase

    Very happy with the results and very easy to use teeth whitener!

  981. Trey Larson  Verified Purchase

    Good job without the high cost of a dentist.

  982. Dee Torres  Verified Purchase

    I like this product because it was easy to use and my teeth got whiter.

  983. Phillip Chan  Verified Purchase

    Overall a great product and you can’t beat the price!

  984. Courtney Bush  Verified Purchase

    Instructions say 10 mins per day and that is what I did. Love what it did to my teeth!

  985. Anna Leonard  Verified Purchase

    Cheap price and works. Not much more wou can ask for in a teeth whitener.

  986. Aida Blackwell  Verified Purchase

    I have used many products to try and whiten my teeth over the years. This ranks up there as one of the best.

  987. Travis Mueller  Verified Purchase

    This works. Did it just like the directions suggest and I am happy. My wife really notices the change and now wants me to buy her one!

  988. Damion Barajas  Verified Purchase

    Thank you. My teeth and bling blig white now!

  989. William Callahan  Verified Purchase

    Very easy process and I did it in the morning while getting ready for work. 10 minutes a day for a week is nothing. Well worth it!!!!

  990. Earle Frye  Verified Purchase

    Tried others. Rolled the dice with Sexy Smile Kit and it delivered. Whiter teeth. No pain. And form my house. 5 stars from me guys!

  991. Alana Thornton  Verified Purchase

    Looooove my new smile 🙂

  992. Stanley Tran  Verified Purchase

    Really didn’t know what to look for when deciding what teeth whitening kit to buy so just guessed. Glad I went with this one because it worked. White teeth in a week.

  993. Laurel Choi  Verified Purchase

    I guess modern technology has caused the price to come down. This is a small fraction of what I have paid in the past. The mall near me has a dental clinic that charges $799 for teeth bleaching. This is way cheaper and way more convenient. Looks like you have a winner here!

  994. Ava Carter  Verified Purchase

    Got me hooked. Will be using again in the future for sure.

  995. Marion Knight  Verified Purchase

    Glad I found this (thanks Google) because it worked. I’d suggest to friends for sure.

  996. Kristine Powell  Verified Purchase

    Results are impressive!

  997. Odessa Cordova  Verified Purchase

    Would 100% buy again!

  998. Clyde Ayers  Verified Purchase

    This product is AMAZING! So good! $$$

  999. Herschel Jordan  Verified Purchase

    Was so easy to use. Didn’t hurt my teeth or gums. Got whiter than I imagined!

  1000. Jennie Reilly  Verified Purchase

    Overall I am extremely happy with my purchase. So many options but this one worked good for me.

  1001. Wallace Hampton  Verified Purchase

    Did a decent job on my teeth.

  1002. Allison Beck  Verified Purchase

    So easy to use and great results…and fast!

  1003. Vicky Black  Verified Purchase

    I love this teeth whitening kit. I’m a coffee drinker so I easily stain my teeth and whitening toothpaste and mouthwash don’t work. This visibly whitened my teeth!

  1004. Fidel Owen  Verified Purchase

    USPS brought mine in two days. Now that is fast shipping. Worked nice after just a few days. Went the entire 7 days like suggested and my teeth are so much better.

  1005. Latisha Cuevas  Verified Purchase

    There are many other teeth whitening products, but they are expensive. I’ll admit I got this one because it was cheaper. But the result was great. I’m so happy!

  1006. Romeo Peck  Verified Purchase

    Would recommend to anyone.

  1007. Jon Li  Verified Purchase

    Did the job and gave me a white smile. Didn’t hurt my mouth or bank account!

  1008. Leonor Francis  Verified Purchase

    After just one use I saw a difference and after the week my teeth were very white!

  1009. Lawerence Becker  Verified Purchase

    I was searching for a teeth whitening product that was affordable and worked. Found it!

  1010. Asa Hicks  Verified Purchase

    Automatically turns off when 10 minutes are up…now that is a nice feature!

  1011. Fanny Navarro  Verified Purchase

    The improvement is so noticeable. I’m still a little shocked.

  1012. Kenya Nicholson  Verified Purchase

    So so happy with how white my teeth got!

  1013. Eldridge Kay  Verified Purchase

    Didn’t think it would be this easy to get whiter teeth but it was! Great deal here…will buy again.

  1014. Tara Camacho  Verified Purchase

    Sexy Smile Kit did a great job!

  1015. Tommie Noble  Verified Purchase

    Big bang for your buck with this. 5/5!

  1016. Donn Cook  Verified Purchase

    Jumped all over the BOGO offer at launch and the results after a week of treatments are outstanding!

  1017. Jose Hahn  Verified Purchase

    I got two. One for me. One for my wife. We did it together at night for a week and our teeth are so much whiter.

  1018. Donovan Trujillo  Verified Purchase

    Movie star white teeth!

  1019. Sandy Rangel  Verified Purchase

    I’m very satisfied with what my teeth look like after using Sexy Smile Kit. My teeth look amazing!

  1020. Rubin Morales  Verified Purchase

    5/5 from me!!

  1021. Chance Hayes  Verified Purchase

    You guys did great with this. Bought at launch and happy customer after seeing how well this worked. Coffee stains went away.

  1022. Edgardo Mullen  Verified Purchase

    I would totally recommend this. I saw results after the first day. Best teeth whitening product.

  1023. Edgar Woodard  Verified Purchase

    Def recommend.

  1024. Russel Sanchez  Verified Purchase

    My mail man smuched my box into my little mail slot so the package was crushed. But the teeth whitening kit wasn’t damanged and worked fine. Just wish the mailman didn’t squish it like that.

  1025. Debbie Pena  Verified Purchase

    I would recommend it to anyone after seeing how good it whitened my teeth.

  1026. Sheri Hood  Verified Purchase

    I left it on for a little longer than 10 minutes and love what it did. Not sure if there is danger to that but I wanted them extra white.

  1027. Nathanael Benitez  Verified Purchase

    The light definitely speeds thing up.

  1028. Demetrius Reid  Verified Purchase

    Going to buy for my brother for his bday after he asked me how I got mine so white! 🙂

  1029. Luis Sparks  Verified Purchase

    I’ve tried teeth whitening kits before they ended up being a waste of money. Not this one. it worked really great!

  1030. Sam Rose  Verified Purchase

    What a great job it did on my teeth. Shocked at how well it worked.

  1031. Otto Parker  Verified Purchase

    Had very low expectations but those were silenced after just the second day…did a great job!

  1032. Dexter Compton  Verified Purchase

    Well worth the money. Exactly as advertised. Simple to use. Results were fantastic.

  1033. Kyle Morse  Verified Purchase

    Love that the timer shuts off itself. Makes it so much easier to make sure you get the full whitening treatment each time.

  1034. Althea Fernandez  Verified Purchase

    This kit contains everything you need to whiten your teeth at a very inexpensive price. No need to pay more!

  1035. Elsa Bowen  Verified Purchase

    Will use again after seeing these results the first time.

  1036. Jeannine Salas  Verified Purchase

    Buy this today. You won’t regret it!

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