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Sexy Smile Kit® is the best home teeth whitening kit. It is 100% safe and helps you achieve a brighter and whiter smile. Each kit includes a special teeth whitening light with batteries, 10 teeth whitening gel tubes, 2 mouth trays, a teeth whitening shade guide and complete instructions. Sexy Smile Kit® is formulated by dental experts and used by celebrities and models worldwide.

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Sexy Smile Kit® Teeth Whitening Kit

Our teeth whitening kit includes everything you need to whiten your teeth at home. With ten syringes of teeth whitening gel included with each Sexy Smile Kit® you get multiple applications. This allows you to maintain your new white and bright smile for several months.

This teeth whitening kit is featured in many online media outlets and popular websites. We offer the best value teeth whitening kit. The price is affordable and the kit includes plenty of teeth whitening gel for multiple applications. This is great for teeth whitening maintenance.

Each Sexy Smile Kit® includes our LED light, batteries for the teeth whitening LED light, two teeth whitening mouth trays and ten syringes of our powerful teeth whitening gel.

The formula is made of 44% carbamide peroxide. Also, it comes with a teeth whitening shade guide and instructions.

We don’t use gimmicks like USB kits that plug into a cell phone or pay celebrities to advertise our whitening kit. That would just increase the cost for you, our customer.

Great teeth whitening results are due to the teeth whitening gel, and ours is the best available. With our LED light and whitening gel you will experience the best at home teeth whitening results available.

The Best Option Available

Do you want the best home kit available? There are many different teeth whitening companies on the market. Many will rely on gimmicks, celebrity teeth whitening endorsements and marketing tricks. This makes the product appear to be the best on the market.

As a consumer you want to buy the best teeth whitening kit because achieving the best results with a home product is your main goal.

Does it really matter if a celebrity markets it? Does that in any way impact the performance and end result? No, it doesn’t.

The only thing it does is drive the cost of the product up to compensate for their endorsement fee.

Consumers pay more money for the celebrity name to be attached. Not for the best product available.

Sexy Smile Kit® is the best teeth whitening kit because of the results our product delivers. Our home kit comes with the strongest tooth whitening gel available, and enough of it for several treatments.

We don’t try to sell you more teeth whitening gel refills because we give you ten syringes with each kit. If you are looking for the best kit available you have found it.

LED Light Bleaching Kit

Our LED light teeth whitening kit is the best at home teeth whitening solution. You can whiten your teeth from the comfort of your own home when it is convenient for you. Also, the cost is much lower than teeth whitening services at a dental office.

There are many teeth whitening kits with USB lights. They are a gimmick. This is done to charge you more money. The LED light that comes with Sexy Smile Kit® helps to accelerate the tooth whitening gel. It delivers amazing tooth whitening results.

The LED light tooth whitening technology used by our teeth whitening kit is the most advanced at home tooth whitening you can get.

Our at home LED light teeth whitening kit is the most affordable option. Especially considering how much tooth whitening gel is included with each tooth whitening kit.

Our LED light is portable, allowing you to bring it with you when you travel for tooth whitening maintenance and touch up applications.

You also don’t have to worry about plugging in your LED light teeth whitening mouthpiece into your phone. There are no wires with our LED light. It’s the best portable teeth whitening kit available.

Top Rated Kit

Sexy Smile Kit® was one of the original teeth whitening brands on the market. We have been selling our popular and effective home kit since 2016. We continue to provide one of the most effective home tooth whitening solutions available.

When looking for a top rated teeth whitening kit it’s important to look beyond the gimmicks and fluff and focus on what really matters: teeth whitening results. Our kit and tooth whitening gel formula deliver outstanding results for our customers. They experience fast results and brighter whiter smiles.

There are many consumer websites and blogs that list the top rated teeth whitening kits. But it’s important to understand that many of those are just affiliate marketing websites and blogs. They earn a commission when a tooth whitening kit is sold through the affiliate links they place within the top rated teeth whitening kit lists.

Be aware that top rated teeth whitening kit lists are not genuine. Read the reviews. You will know Sexy Smile Kit® is a top rated teeth whitening kit. It delivers amazing results.

Affordable Teeth Whitening Kit

Sexy Smile Kit® is the most affordable teeth whitening solution on the market. The extra value we provide in terms of the amount of teeth whitening gel in each kit makes the value even more impressive.

Many teeth whitening products only give you enough tooth whitening gel to do a few treatments. They want to sell you more teeth whitening gel refills.

Not only do we give you ten tooth whitening gel syringes, but our tooth whitening formula is the most powerful. The ingredients included in our teeth whitening gel formula are glycerin, carbomer, menthol, edetic acid disodium salt and 44% carbamide peroxide.

Rather than spending several hundred dollars at a dental office for teeth bleaching, give the Sexy Smile Kit® a chance.

It’s an affordable teeth whitening option that delivers the same quality results that professional teeth whitening at a local dentist does, but at a fraction of the cost. You will not find a more affordable tooth whitening kit available.

Convenience of At Home Whitening

Our kit is the best option if you are serious about getting the best whitening results and saving money.

Buying Sexy Smile Kit® gives you the convenience of an at home teeth whitening kit. You get the results of a professional treatment. We are the most effective solution for whitening teeth at home. Our reviews will show you how happy our customers are with their results.

Many dental offices will tell you that their teeth whitening process is superior to any at home teeth whitening product, but that is not the case.

They typically want their patients to use their tooth whitening service because there is a high markup on the procedure. Most professional teeth whitening will cost several hundred dollars per treatment. The end results aren’t any better than what you can achieve with a home teeth whitening kit like Sexy Smile Kit®.

You will not only save money when you purchase our effective at home tooth whitening kit, but you will experience amazing results. Just like the thousands of customers that used this product to drastically improve the whiteness and brightness of their smile.

When you want to buy the best at home teeth whitening kit look no further than Sexy Smile Kit®.

Home Whitening Kit Reviews

There are a lot of options available. Teeth whitening kit reviews are a good place to look. They show you what kind of results previous customers experienced with a particular tooth whitening product.

You can read all of the Sexy Smile Kit® reviews that customers have left right here on our website.

See what kind of teeth whitening results our customers experienced and what they think about our popular kit. Every customer that purchases a Sexy Smile Kit® can leave a review.

Previous customers can leave a review, which they can do when logged into their account. This ensures that all of the teeth whitening reviews you read on our website are from verified buyers.

Many of the reviews our customers leave also include pictures they take, both of the kit and the results they experience. After you buy our product and use it, please come back to our website and make sure to leave your own review of our teeth whitening kit. We would greatly appreciate it.

Tooth Whitening Kit with Light

A teeth whitening kit with light is highly effective. There are many different models available. Many are simply gimmicks. They trick consumers into paying more money for whitening their teeth.

A USB light might look fancy and cool plugged it into your mobile phone or USB outlet, but it doesn’t do anything more than the LED light that is included with our tooth whitening kit aside from costing you more money.

The USB light looks cool on social media. It requires that you are plugged into a USB port. This is not convenient, whether it’s a mobile phone, laptop or USB outlet. Either way, it’s not very portable.

Sexy Smile Kit® is 100% portable. The LED light takes batteries, which are provided, and allows you to be completely mobile as there is no cord.

Our teeth whitening kit with LED light delivers results. The combination of our strong teeth whitening gel formula and LED light technology will give you the best teeth whitening results.

Teeth Whitening Kit for Sensitive Teeth

Are you looking for a tooth whitening kit for sensitive teeth? Many companies advertise their product is designed for sensitive teeth and sensitive gums. You need to know what contributes to sensitivity.

There are things you can do to limit the sensitivity experienced from teeth whitening, like making sure to use the correct amount of whitening gel in the mouth trays.

If you use too much tooth whitening gel it gets pushed up onto your gums. Some experience sensitivity, which is a direct result.

Applying the LED light enhances the teeth whitening gel. If a large amount is on your gums you will experience some discomfort.

Use the right amount of whitening gel. You only want the gel on the front surface of your teeth. If you do this, it’s the best teeth whitening kit for sensitive teeth.

Consider that you can use a smaller amount of tooth whitening gel in each treatment. This reduces teeth and gum sensitivity.

Each kit comes with ten syringes of our tooth whitening gel, which is enough for many applications. Simply reduce the amount used for each treatment to extend the number of days. This will cause tooth sensitivity and sensitivity of the gums reduced greatly.

Teeth Whitening Kit That Works

Sexy Smile Kit® is a tooth whitening kit that works. Our popular tooth whitening kit is affordable and most importantly, works.

If you are looking for the best results our top rated teeth whitening kit delivers the best results to help you achieve the white and bright smile you desire.

Our product is a teeth whitening kit that works, and we hope that you enjoy the results you get from using our professional level whitening kit.

Click here to find evidence of a test, analysis, research, or study describing the benefits, performance or efficacy of Sexy Smile Kit® based on the expertise of relevant professionals.

Additional information


Sexy Smile Kit®


Sexy Smile Kit® Teeth Whitening Kit


LED light, batteries, two mouth trays, 10 syringes of teeth whitening gel, shade guide and instructions.


Whitening Gel (Glycerin, Carbomer, Menthol, Edetic Acid Disodium Salt, 44% Carbamide Peroxide)

Net Weight

35 g

1036 reviews for Teeth Whitening Kit

  1. Travis Mueller  Verified Purchase

    This works. Did it just like the directions suggest and I am happy. My wife really notices the change and now wants me to buy her one!

  2. Damion Barajas  Verified Purchase

    Thank you. My teeth and bling blig white now!

  3. William Callahan  Verified Purchase

    Very easy process and I did it in the morning while getting ready for work. 10 minutes a day for a week is nothing. Well worth it!!!!

  4. Earle Frye  Verified Purchase

    Tried others. Rolled the dice with Sexy Smile Kit and it delivered. Whiter teeth. No pain. And form my house. 5 stars from me guys!

  5. Alana Thornton  Verified Purchase

    Looooove my new smile 🙂

  6. Stanley Tran  Verified Purchase

    Really didn’t know what to look for when deciding what teeth whitening kit to buy so just guessed. Glad I went with this one because it worked. White teeth in a week.

  7. Laurel Choi  Verified Purchase

    I guess modern technology has caused the price to come down. This is a small fraction of what I have paid in the past. The mall near me has a dental clinic that charges $799 for teeth bleaching. This is way cheaper and way more convenient. Looks like you have a winner here!

  8. Ava Carter  Verified Purchase

    Got me hooked. Will be using again in the future for sure.

  9. Marion Knight  Verified Purchase

    Glad I found this (thanks Google) because it worked. I’d suggest to friends for sure.

  10. Kristine Powell  Verified Purchase

    Results are impressive!

  11. Odessa Cordova  Verified Purchase

    Would 100% buy again!

  12. Clyde Ayers  Verified Purchase

    This product is AMAZING! So good! $$$

  13. Herschel Jordan  Verified Purchase

    Was so easy to use. Didn’t hurt my teeth or gums. Got whiter than I imagined!

  14. Jennie Reilly  Verified Purchase

    Overall I am extremely happy with my purchase. So many options but this one worked good for me.

  15. Wallace Hampton  Verified Purchase

    Did a decent job on my teeth.

  16. Allison Beck  Verified Purchase

    So easy to use and great results…and fast!

  17. Vicky Black  Verified Purchase

    I love this teeth whitening kit. I’m a coffee drinker so I easily stain my teeth and whitening toothpaste and mouthwash don’t work. This visibly whitened my teeth!

  18. Fidel Owen  Verified Purchase

    USPS brought mine in two days. Now that is fast shipping. Worked nice after just a few days. Went the entire 7 days like suggested and my teeth are so much better.

  19. Latisha Cuevas  Verified Purchase

    There are many other teeth whitening products, but they are expensive. I’ll admit I got this one because it was cheaper. But the result was great. I’m so happy!

  20. Romeo Peck  Verified Purchase

    Would recommend to anyone.

  21. Jon Li  Verified Purchase

    Did the job and gave me a white smile. Didn’t hurt my mouth or bank account!

  22. Leonor Francis  Verified Purchase

    After just one use I saw a difference and after the week my teeth were very white!

  23. Lawerence Becker  Verified Purchase

    I was searching for a teeth whitening product that was affordable and worked. Found it!

  24. Asa Hicks  Verified Purchase

    Automatically turns off when 10 minutes are up…now that is a nice feature!

  25. Fanny Navarro  Verified Purchase

    The improvement is so noticeable. I’m still a little shocked.

  26. Kenya Nicholson  Verified Purchase

    So so happy with how white my teeth got!

  27. Eldridge Kay  Verified Purchase

    Didn’t think it would be this easy to get whiter teeth but it was! Great deal here…will buy again.

  28. Tara Camacho  Verified Purchase

    Sexy Smile Kit did a great job!

  29. Tommie Noble  Verified Purchase

    Big bang for your buck with this. 5/5!

  30. Donn Cook  Verified Purchase

    Jumped all over the BOGO offer at launch and the results after a week of treatments are outstanding!

  31. Jose Hahn  Verified Purchase

    I got two. One for me. One for my wife. We did it together at night for a week and our teeth are so much whiter.

  32. Donovan Trujillo  Verified Purchase

    Movie star white teeth!

  33. Sandy Rangel  Verified Purchase

    I’m very satisfied with what my teeth look like after using Sexy Smile Kit. My teeth look amazing!

  34. Rubin Morales  Verified Purchase

    5/5 from me!!

  35. Chance Hayes  Verified Purchase

    You guys did great with this. Bought at launch and happy customer after seeing how well this worked. Coffee stains went away.

  36. Edgardo Mullen  Verified Purchase

    I would totally recommend this. I saw results after the first day. Best teeth whitening product.

  37. Edgar Woodard  Verified Purchase

    Def recommend.

  38. Russel Sanchez  Verified Purchase

    My mail man smuched my box into my little mail slot so the package was crushed. But the teeth whitening kit wasn’t damanged and worked fine. Just wish the mailman didn’t squish it like that.

  39. Debbie Pena  Verified Purchase

    I would recommend it to anyone after seeing how good it whitened my teeth.

  40. Sheri Hood  Verified Purchase

    I left it on for a little longer than 10 minutes and love what it did. Not sure if there is danger to that but I wanted them extra white.

  41. Nathanael Benitez  Verified Purchase

    The light definitely speeds thing up.

  42. Demetrius Reid  Verified Purchase

    Going to buy for my brother for his bday after he asked me how I got mine so white! 🙂

  43. Luis Sparks  Verified Purchase

    I’ve tried teeth whitening kits before they ended up being a waste of money. Not this one. it worked really great!

  44. Sam Rose  Verified Purchase

    What a great job it did on my teeth. Shocked at how well it worked.

  45. Otto Parker  Verified Purchase

    Had very low expectations but those were silenced after just the second day…did a great job!

  46. Dexter Compton  Verified Purchase

    Well worth the money. Exactly as advertised. Simple to use. Results were fantastic.

  47. Kyle Morse  Verified Purchase

    Love that the timer shuts off itself. Makes it so much easier to make sure you get the full whitening treatment each time.

  48. Althea Fernandez  Verified Purchase

    This kit contains everything you need to whiten your teeth at a very inexpensive price. No need to pay more!

  49. Elsa Bowen  Verified Purchase

    Will use again after seeing these results the first time.

  50. Jeannine Salas  Verified Purchase

    Buy this today. You won’t regret it!

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