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In an effort to improve their image in photos, some people will use a teeth whitening app. There are no shortage of options in the Apple App Store. There is likely a teeth whitening app that will do what you are looking for.

They will typically improve the appearance of teeth in any photo with a single push of the button. This is an easy way to remove yellow stains and make the picture more appealing.

It’s no secret that white teeth are more attractive. Why else would someone go through the trouble to download and install a teeth whitening app?

If you are looking for a teeth whitening app, here is a list of ten options, all available for download in the App Store. These will only whiten your teeth in pictures. If you want white teeth in real life consider picking up a Sexy Smile Kit® teeth whitening kit. There is a 50% off promotion running right now.


Pixlr is a photo editing app that provides several different image retouch tools, far beyond just whitening teeth. It’s simple to use and suitable for photographers of any level. From amateurs that are only looking to whiten their teeth using the app to professionals looking for on-the-go photo editing.

You can eliminate redeye, whiten your teeth, blur background images and add special effects all with the push of a button. You can also share your images across social media and via email all within the app’s interface.

Using a teeth whitening app is one of the popular teeth whitening hacks used by some people too lazy to actually whiten their teeth in real life.

BeFunky Photo Editor

The BeFunky photo editing app gives you access to a wide range of different image editing tools. Easily adjust the brightness and contrast of any picture while also cropping it, rotating it, and applying filters. One of the app’s most popular features is its teeth whitening tool.

BeFunky is one of the most user-friendly image editing apps available. It works by swiping and maneuvering it’s interface with your fingers. There are also fun features built-in which allow you to add elements to images. Things like hats, sunglasses and other accessories can be added with a few taps.

Photo Editor & Perfect Selfie

This is an app designed specifically to edit selfies. You can add elements as well as filters to enhance the image appearance. Easily remove blemishes from the skin, adjust the background hue, remove redeye and also make all teeth in the picture look whiter.

The photo editor and perfect selfie app has a large selection of pre-installed filters and stickers. One of the easiest photo editing apps to use, it requires no previous editing knowledge or skills to use effectively.

Facetune Teeth Whitening App

The Facetune app does exactly what you would assume it does. It makes your face look better in pictures. From removing redeye to smoothing skin tone and whitening teeth, this app is designed specifically for editing facial features.

This app allows you to edit skin by removing blemishes and making it look smoother. The teeth whitening app feature is called “toothbrush” and this tool instantly makes teeth whiter in all images. Avoid the high teeth whitening dentist cost by using this app. There’s also a feature that automatically removes scars and moles.

Finally, there is a reshape feature that allows you to change your smile. You can easily make the corners of the mouth higher, making the smile larger and appearing happier. Once done, you can apply one of the many photo frame filters that the app comes with. This allows you to create social media shareable images.


BeautyPlus is one of the most popular photo editing apps with tens of millions of users worldwide. This is the go-to app for photo and video editing on the go. The editing tools and effects that come standard with this app rival those of expensive desktop computers.

There are several advanced features that you will more than likely never use, especially if downloading a teeth whitening app is your main goal. This photo editing app does much more than just whitening teeth.

The app developers took input from photographers and makeup artists in order to create the most user-friendly and feature-packed app available. With that being said it’s a favorite among industry professionals. Many use the app on site to touch up images rather than taking them home to the studio to finalize.

teeth whitening app
Image by Unsplash

PhotoshopFix Teeth Whitening App

PhotoshopFix is another app that is simple to use and has many different features, allowing you to easily make your images look more appealing. You can lighten the image, darken the image, remove redeye and instantly make your teeth look white. This solution is instant, so no need to wait for results from a homemade teeth whitening remedy.

The user experience and user interface of this app is the most modern of the bunch. This is a great app for someone basic editing software at their fingertips and doesn’t care about the extra bells and whistles. The learning curve on this app is a bit higher than others.

Visage Voir

This app does most of the work for you, as you can simply import your images and it will automatically process them. Smooth out the skin, correct any irregularities, remove redeye, reduce shine and make all teeth appear bright and white.

Once the app does its thing you see the final result. You can look at it side-by-side next to the original and determine whether or not you want to save and import the picture or make manual adjustments. If it’s up to par and looks great you can share it on social media or save it to your camera roll.

If you feel the image needs some additional tweaks you can make them manually, and once satisfied save it to your camera roll or share it on social media. This is a nice app choice for those with absolutely no technical skills. The app does all of the work for you.

Sweet Selfie

Sweet Selfie is an app designed to help you take a better selfie. It’s one of the top rated apps in its category. it requires little to no work to improve an image. Simply upload it through the app and press a couple buttons. It has millions of downloads and millions of users across the world. It’s one of the most popular options.

This teeth whitening app instantly makes selfies look better. The colors are more brilliant, the image backgrounds are crisper, redeye is removed, and everyone looks like they have movie star quality white teeth.

AirBrush Teeth Whitening App

AirBrush is another teeth whitening app that allows you to easily edit any photo you upload or take using the app. Remove imperfections from the skin, smooth out wrinkles, whiten teeth, and remove redeye.

This app is packed with filters and you can adjust the color temperature in photos to really make them different. It’s a simple app with great ratings in the App Store.


Perfect365 is an app designed to allow you to add makeup to any image. From eyeshadow to lip liner and lipstick, and more, this is a favorite among cosmetics users. You can add makeup without actually adding any makeup in real life.

This app has more than 100 million users, which should give you a good idea of just how popular it is. It also features makeup tutorials that are available for all users to interact with. This is the most downloaded teeth whitening app available.

Teeth Whitening Kit for Best Results

While a teeth whitening app is convenient and makes your picture look better, what about in real life? Wouldn’t it be easier to just have white teeth to begin with? Then you wouldn’t need to use an app to whiten your teeth.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for teeth whitening in New York or another part of the country or world. Sexy Smile Kit is the best option and right now you can take advantage of the special 50% off promotion.

Order your teeth whitening kit now and within a few days you will have a picture worthy white smile.


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