Teeth Whitening Cost

There is a big discrepancy when it comes to teeth whitening cost. It can cost several thousand dollars at a dentist and there are some teeth whitening kits that sell for less than $20 on Amazon.

There is a lot of consumer confusion when it comes to teeth whitening cost. Is there a big difference between the teeth whitening services you can get from a dentist versus what kind of results a home whitening kit can produce? Or what about teeth whitening home remedies? Do they work?

Many people assume that the service and results at a dentist will be far greater than what can be accomplished at home using a more affordable kit. Let’s explain the difference between the options, whether or not the results are different and what teeth whitening should really cost.

Teeth Whitening Cost at a Dentist

Having your teeth whitened at a dentist is going to be the most expensive option. According to Bankrate, teeth whitening at a dentist costs $650 on the low end, and upwards of several thousand dollars.

This pricing is pretty consistent across the board. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for teeth whitening in New York or teeth whitening in Miami. The cost at a dentist is going to always be in this price range. There are many reasons why teeth bleaching and whitening at a dental office is always going to be the most expensive option.

Why the Cost is More Expensive Than DIY Kits

Teeth whitening at a dentist will always cost more money for a couple of reasons. First, the overhead cost to run a dental practice is high. From the office cost, operational costs and the staff; it’s very high.

They have to make as much revenue per visit as possible. If a patient is in the office, it’s costing the business money. This is why the service at a dentist, whether it’s an in-office treatment or a kit they sell, will always be the highest teeth whitening cost.

Are the Results Better?

One would think that the teeth whitening results from a dentist will always be better, right? That is not the case. Just because it costs more money doesn’t mean the results are going to be any different than what a high quality home kit can produce.

The process is virtually the same at a dentist and doing it yourself with a kit. The teeth whitening gel is even often stronger in the home kits. The actual treatment and application — gel using a LED light accelerator — is identical.

So no, the results are no better at a dentist than what you can get at home using a high quality teeth whitening kit.

Teeth Whitening Cost Using a Home Kit

There are lots of companies that offer a teeth whitening kit. Some are large oral care brands and some are fly-by-night drop shippers that are selling old and expired products. You have to be careful when buying these products.

Teeth whitening kits are the more affordable option, but stay away from the unbranded and generic kits. This is an oral care product. You should be very cautious anytime you are purchasing something that you will be placing in your mouth and on your teeth.

teeth whitening cost
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There are many companies that try to knock-off and copy Sexy Smile Kit. There is a big difference between looking for an affordable teeth whitening kit and simply buying the cheapest option you can find. That approach will leave you disappointed.

Why Teeth Whitening Kits Are the More Affordable Option

Teeth whitening kits are more affordable than any treatment at a dentist. When buying a product from a D2C teeth whitening brand there is no middleman. You are buying it directly without paying high retail markups.

Anytime you are able to buy a consumer product directly from the manufacturer you will save money. Sexy Smile Kit is a direct-to-consumer brand. You cannot buy our teeth whitening kits from retail locations. We sell directly to the consumer at the lowest possible price.

Are Home Teeth Whitening Kits Safe?

Teeth whitening kits are just as safe as any in-office teeth whitening service. There are precautions that need to be taken of course, but yes, it’s a completely safe procedure. You want to use it responsibly and as directed and also make sure to rinse your mouth out after each use. You also don’t want to swallow the whitening gel. This is all common sense.

Some brands will say they are a dentist approved teeth whitening kit, but it’s important to know that the ADA does not endorse any products. If a dentist is backing a particular product they are likely being compensated.

As long as you buy a teeth whitening kit from a reputable company you have nothing to worry about. It’s also a good idea to look at teeth whitening kit reviews prior to purchasing. See what other customers have experienced as far as results. This will give you a good idea of what to expect.

Lowest Teeth Whitening Cost: Sexy Smile Kit

If you want the lowest priced professional teeth whitening kit now is the time to take action. Sexy Smile Kit has a flash sale going on right now. All teeth whitening kits are 50% off and there are no special discount codes needed.

This is the perfect time for consumers to try home teeth whitening. This is the most advanced teeth whitening at-home treatment available, and this is the lowest price you will find. Now is the perfect time to pick up multiple kits, for both future use as well as to give family and friends. Sexy Smile Kit makes the perfect gift.

There is no limit to how many discounted teeth whitening kits you can purchase. This offer is limited and once the promotion is over the kit will return to its full retail price.

Hopefully this has cleared up the confusion surrounding teeth whitening cost. If you want the best at-home teeth whitening grab a Sexy Smile Kit today and take advantage of the 50% off special.


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