Teeth Whitening Hacks

While looking for ways to a whiter smile you are more than likely to encounter many teeth whitening hacks. Whitening teeth is something many people seek out to accomplish. From coffee stains to discoloration because of smoking cigarettes, many consumers are looking to brighten their smile.

Searching for teeth whitening hacks online is popular for two reasons. Number one, some consumers are looking for an alternative that doesn’t involve the use of chemicals. Second, consumers are always looking for ways to save money.

They don’t want to spend a lot of money on a professional teeth whitening service. So, this leads them to articles and resources that list teeth whitening hacks involving common ingredients that you more than likely have laying around the house. There are plenty of beauty hacks out there, and teeth whitening is no different.

Common Teeth Whitening Hacks

We’re going to review some of the common teeth whitening hacks found online. You will learn which ones, if any, work to whiten teeth. There are a lot of myths and wrong information online pertaining to whitening your teeth.

10 Teeth Whitening Hacks

Find out once and for all what works and what doesn’t. Here are common teeth whitening home remedies and hacks that some people swear by.

1. Banana Peels

Have you heard of this one yet? Some natural food advocates swear that the banana peel teeth whitening method works. The minerals found in bananas, such as potassium in manganese, will penetrate deep into the teeth surface.

Like many of the other teeth whitening hacks involving peels, like from oranges, will help keep the mouth fresh in germ-free. This prevents plaque buildup, but you won’t whiten the teeth like a do-it-yourself home teeth whitening kit with peroxide whitening gel.

2. Charcoal

There are multiple activated charcoal teeth whitening products on the market. The crystal based chemicals in charcoal prevents plaque buildup. Without plaque, the yellow discoloration does not occur.

The easiest way to incorporate this teeth whitening hack into your daily regimen is to simply add activated charcoal to your current toothpaste and brush as you normally would. It’s important that you completely wash your mouth out with warm water after using activated charcoal. You want to avoid swallowing it.

There are even activated charcoal toothpastes available that you can use, which do not require you to mix the raw ingredient with your current toothpaste.

3. Strawberries

One of the easiest teeth whitening hacks on the list is eating strawberries. The vitamin C found in strawberries contributes to a whiter smile. Crush them up raw and simply brush them onto your teeth in paste form.

This is something you can do multiple times a day without the fear of removing your natural teeth enamel. Again, this is a measure that prevents plaque from building up. When plaque builds up it leads to the discoloration and staining of your teeth. So, by preventing that plaque from building up you’re essentially helping to keep your teeth white.

4. Apples

Eating apples will help prevent your teeth from staining. The acid in apples works as a scrubbing agent on your teeth. Doing this often prevents yellow discoloration. Like with other teeth whitening hacks, eating apples leads to whiter teeth.

Whiter teeth aside, eating an apple a day contributes to an overall healthy lifestyle. Good overall health, improved oral hygiene, and increased energy are just some of the benefits of eating apples. Incorporating an apple into your breakfast is the easiest way to make sure you take advantage of this benefit.

5. Baking Soda

Baking soda is a popular remedy because of its ability to reduce plaque. By doing this, it prevents tooth discoloration over time. The teeth whitening cost associated with some products and services is what leads some consumers to look for hacks and other remedies.

Those that swear by this natural remedy simply use plain baking soda with a little bit of water mixed together to create a paste. They then apply this paste with a dry toothbrush, brushing it all over the teeth.

Paste is abrasive and works to remove some surface staining. While this will remove some surface standing, it does not work to remove older more difficult stains. It’s also not something you want to do often because it will break down the enamel on your teeth.

Teeth Whitening Hacks: Can They Whiten Your Teeth?

teeth whitening hacks
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6. Dark Chocolate (Yes, This is a Real Teeth Whitening Hack)

Using dark chocolate as a teeth whitening hack has gained popularity because of one ingredient: theobromine. It prevents discoloration and it has also been found to harden your teeth enamel. When this is done it makes the teeth look more healthy and strong.

But, the amount of this ingredient found in a few pieces of dark chocolate is very miniscule. Don’t expect to see shiny pearly whites simply by eating a few pieces of dark chocolate. It sounds great, and that is why this teeth whitening hack has gained a lot of popularity.

7. Hydrogen Peroxide

Many people swear that hydrogen peroxide is the best teeth whitening hack. Some will even mix it with baking soda to create what they call a very powerful natural teeth whitening paste. This combination will remove recent staining and buildup on the teeth, but used too often it can wear away your natural enamel.

Many teeth whitening services use peroxide, but that doesn’t mean it is effectively used this way. The hydrogen peroxide in liquid form is also used in many mouthwashes. It’s a great oral care method, but this isn’t going to just magically make teeth whiter.

8. Orange Peels

For many years people have rubbed orange peels on their teeth before going to sleep. This is done to help prevent bacteria from accumulating overnight. The vitamin C found in orange peels combats bacteria.

While it doesn’t directly whiten your teeth, it does help prevent bacteria from building up which leads to plaque that causes discoloration. It’s a good habit to practice and will lead to healthier oral hygiene. But, orange peels do not whiten your teeth.

9. Salt

Salt is a teeth whitening hack that isn’t often talked about. It has several natural cleansing properties, and when applied to your teeth they help to prevent yellow discoloration. The easiest way to incorporate this hack into your oral health care routine is to simply brush salt onto your teeth once a week.

Some take it a step further and mix salt with baking soda. This creates a very powerful scrubbing agent. While it won’t whiten your teeth like a teeth whitening kit can, it will prevent plaque from building up. Doing this once a week prevents your teeth from turning yellow.

10. Lemon

Rubbing lemon peels on your teeth is a method that some swear by. They claim that simply rubbing the raw peel across the teeth will leave them much whiter. There is no scientific evidence that proves this works, however.

Rubbing lemon peels on your teeth will make your mouth feel fresher, so it’s more of the psychological element that leads people to believe that it actually whitens teeth. Some people will actually do this prior to using teeth whitening gel, as they feel it prevents them from tasting any chemicals.

Teeth Whitening Hacks or Teeth Whitening Kit?

Just because you see a Reddit teeth whitening topic that talks about a hack, it doesn’t necessarily mean it works. Most of the teeth whitening hacks listed above simply do not whiten teeth.

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