Teeth Whitening Near Me

A quick Google search of “teeth whitening near me” is going to turn up a lot of different results. From local dentists selling treatment sessions to LED light whitening treatments located in strip malls and shopping center kiosks.

There is no shortage of companies willing to offer you their teeth whitening service. The truth is, though, that the majority of these businesses are charging you much more than you need to be paying.

You don’t have to spend several thousand dollars to have a white and bright smile. In fact, you don’t even have to spend hundreds of dollars to whiten your smile. You don’t even have to leave your home.

There are more convenient and affordable tooth whitening services available to you. You are going to be provided with all of the information you need to whiten your teeth without spending a lot of money. Let’s answer two common questions.

Q1: “Where Can I Find Teeth Whitening Near Me?”

When searching for local whitening options, many consumers will begin by searching for a dentist. This is a fine option if you want to pay outrageously high prices for teeth bleaching at a dentist.

Most dental practices will offer teeth whitening as an additional service, and the cost is typically the highest you will find. They are able to charge a higher price because the perception is that tooth whitening by a dentist is more effective. This is false.

While higher profit margins are to be expected, it’s also important to understand that a dental office has high overhead and operational expenses. While more profit is always nice, many have to charge high rates to justify using their office space for teeth whitening treatments.

Sometimes you will also find teeth whitening companies that don’t offer any traditional dental services like cleanings, check-ups or cosmetic surgery. Instead, they only offer teeth bleaching and whitening.

These operations are typically located in strip malls or even in kiosks located throughout shopping malls. Due to high costs of rent their costs are typically very high. But, there is a much more affordable option.

You can buy the best product for whitening teeth at home for a small fraction of the cost and experience the same level of results. Sexy Smile Kit makes one of the most popular, effective and affordable home kits available.

Q2: Where Can I Find Affordable Teeth Whitening Near Me?”

How much does teeth whitening cost? Good question. Pricing is all over the place, to be honest. Some dental offices are north of $2,000 for a full treatment, while a DIY tooth whitening kit like ours can be purchased on sale right now for less than $100.

Any local teeth whitening option is going to be more expensive than buying a kit online. There are a couple reasons why you should buy a kit online and do it at home rather than have the procedure done by a local dentist or teeth bleaching service.

teeth whitening near me
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  • It’s more convenient. You don’t have to make appointments that fit into your schedule and take time out of your day to travel to the dentist. With a home kit you can do the treatment on your schedule. The most common application times are at night before bed or in the morning during your standard routine.
  • It’s more affordable. Instead of paying several thousands of dollars on teeth whitening treatments you can buy a DIY kit for less than one hundred dollars. This is a tremendous savings.
  • The results that home teeth whitening kits produce are just as good as dental office treatments. In some situations the home kit will have a more powerful tooth whitening serum.

Local Teeth Whitening Options

Some consumers also assume that treatments from their dentist will last longer.

So, how long does whitening last? Will the results from a dentist really last longer than the results from a home whitening kit? There is no advantage to an in-office dental treatment in terms of longevity of the whitening results.

How long teeth whitening results last depends on the aftercare and things like foods and beverages consumed immediately after the treatment. For the best results you will want to avoid foods and drinks that have a tendency to stain teeth.

Avoiding red wine, pasta sauce, berries and coffee will contribute a prolonged whiter smile. Upkeep, touchup and maintenance can also help extend the life of your white teeth.

Every Sexy Smile Kit home whitening kit comes with enough extra teeth whitening gel for additional treatments, touchup treatments and upkeep. This is yet another reason why a home kit is a much better value.

No overpaying for the initial whitening treatment from the dentist. No expensive follow-up treatments. Remember, many times a dental office will use the lowest carbamide peroxide strength in the beginning. They will gradually increase it over time. This spreads the treatments over several visits, allowing them to charge you more money.

The Best Results and Best Price

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If you want to benefit from a whiter confidence boosting smile without spending a lot of money, now is the perfect time. Grab a top rated whitening kit now. Also, feel free to take advantage of the current offer and pick up one for a family member or friend. Sexy Smile Kit teeth whitening kits and oral care products make great gifts, as well.


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