Teeth Whitening Services

We all want to look our best. This is why teeth whitening services are extremely popular today. With social media selfies and personal images being such a major part of society, doing things that make us look better such as whitening teeth, is in high demand.

Teeth whitening is more affordable than it has ever been. The industry is booming and companies are making a lot of money. With that popularity has come a lot of teeth whitening services. Some work well and some are complete scams.

The teeth whitening industry is predicted to top more than $15 billion dollars this year. With all of that interest and potential in the home oral care industry it’s important that you understand what services work and what ones are a complete waste of time and money.

Many Types of Teeth Whitening Services

Products like Crest whitening strips have been around for years, but now with the increased popularity it’s led to new companies coming forward as well as new teeth whitening services being offered.

Whether you’re interested in whitening your teeth at home or getting a professional service, all of the options are explained below.

Professional Whitening Strips

There are several different kinds of whitening strips available on the market. Crest teeth whitening strips are the most popular and readily available option. They can be found in almost every store and also purchased online.

The biggest complaint when it comes to teeth whitening strips is that they are uncomfortable to wear and they slip off the teeth. This makes consistent results difficult and since the peroxide used is on the light to mild side the results are marginal at best.

Teeth whitening strips are affordable but if results are important to you a home teeth whitening kit is a better option. It’s more comfortable and the results are more noticeable. Strips produce uneven results.

Custom Teeth Whitening Trays

Many dentists offer custom teeth whitening trays. They make molds of your teeth with custom fit trays that fit flush against your teeth. When you place whitening gel inside the trays and put them in your mouth it completely covers your teeth with the formula, delivering an even application.

These sessions will typically run several hours long. While it’s only one treatment it’s not convenient and it’s overpriced. There are home teeth whitening kits that include moldable teeth whitening trays but you bite down on them to create a custom fit.

Teeth whitening kits that have mouth trays that are connected to an LED light still produce better results without having to have a custom molded tray. They fit perfectly in the mouth and distribute the gel evenly across the front of your teeth.

Baking Soda Natural Treatment

This is one of the oldest teeth whitening home remedies around. It’s one of the easiest home remedies available but when it comes down to it the results are not proven. There’s nothing out there in terms of research or case studies that prove baking soda whitens teeth.

Baking soda is easy to find and most people have it laying around their house. Many consumers constantly look for cheap and affordable home remedies, but if actual teeth whitening results is what you are after this is something you want to avoid.

Don’t get this remedy confused with baking soda toothpaste. That has been known to help remove stains. Using baking soda toothpaste alone isn’t going to produce amazing results, but using it as part of your aftercare maintenance will help you prolong the results a home teeth whitening kit delivers.

Professional Teeth Whitening Services at the Dentist

If you decide to get professional teeth whitening at your dentist be prepared to pay a lot of money. You will do multiple sessions, each one running between 30 and 60 minutes. The peroxide teeth whitening gel used on your teeth will typically be a weak formula to start. The strength of the gel will be increased each treatment session.

Dentists will often do this so the patient doesn’t experience any sensitivity or irritation on their teeth or gums. This also enables them to stretch the treatment across multiple visits. With each session costing anywhere between $600 and $1,500, the total cost of teeth whitening at a dentist can be very expensive.

teeth whitening services
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A teeth whitening dentist is not only more expensive but it’s also less convenient than a home kit. You have to schedule around their availability and travel to their dental office. Many patients assume that the results that they will receive at a dentist will be far greater than anything a home kit can produce.

This simply isn’t the case. The majority of Home teeth whitening kits use the same LED light technology and teeth whitening gel formula that is used at most dental offices.

Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

Whitening toothpaste is effective at removing stains on your teeth. But it cannot change the color of your teeth beyond that. Charcoal toothpaste is very popular right now because of its ability to remove surface stains.

Some of the teeth whitening toothpaste is very abrasive and using it on a daily basis can harm your teeth and hurt your gums. It’s best used a couple days a week in between regular brushing sessions.

If you do purchase a charcoal toothpaste make sure it’s from a reputable company. A lot of companies drop ship the product from overseas and there is very little to no regulations when it comes to manufacturing.

Coconut Oil Pulling

Oil pulling using coconut oil is one of the most popular Reddit teeth whitening topics. Many people claim that this technique is a way to whiten teeth without using peroxide. This is completely false though. There are many benefits of this technique as it contributes to overall good oral hygiene, but it does not whiten teeth.

It’s non-toxic and there’s no risk involved, so swishing around coconut oil in your mouth in the evening has its benefits. It binds to bacteria in the mouth preventing it from accumulating and causing things like bad breath and plaque.

LED Light Teeth Whitening Services

Many teeth whitening services use LED lights to accelerate the gel. These used to be quite expensive treatments, but now many home kits use the same LED light technology. It’s now much more affordable and convenient.

There is no need to schedule LED light teeth whitening services at a dentist or a dental practice. If this is the technology you want to use, buy a home teeth whitening kit and do the treatments at your convenience and in the privacy of your own home.

Professional Whitening Mouthwash and Peroxide Rinses

Some teeth whitening services claim to be less invasive because they are an advanced mouthwash and peroxide rinse, but they do not whiten teeth as claimed. They might contain ingredients that do whiten teeth, but as a liquid mouthwash they do not contribute to whitening teeth.

Even though it contains peroxide it doesn’t mean it’s going to whiten your teeth the same way a hydrogen peroxide gel will. Using a whitening mouthwash too often can lead to sensitivity issues and irritated gums. There’s no need to use this type of product since it does not whiten teeth.

Organic Fruit Pastes

There’s always an organic crowd that is willing to try any teeth whitening service offered that does not use chemicals. They would prefer an all natural option rather than get professional teeth whitening in Los Angeles that uses a hydrogen peroxide gel.

Creating organic fruit paste made of strawberries, pineapples and lemons along with apple cider vinegar is a popular trend. Users rave about how well this organic fruit paste whitens teeth, but when you know what really is happening you understand that this should be avoided.

Users think that it works because the acid created by the ingredients actually wears away the top layer of teeth enamel. This causes the teeth to look whiter.

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