Turmeric Teeth Whitening

Turmeric teeth whitening is one of the most common teeth whitening hacks. It is used to improve smiles in a natural way only using common household ingredients. What exactly is turmeric?

Turmeric is a plant that is closely related to ginger. Turmeric is found in Asia and Central America, and also common in India. Sometimes turmeric is referred to as Indian saffron and turmeric root.

There are many uses for turmeric. Just like all homemade teeth whitening methods, the appeal is using a natural product to help whitening teeth instead of going to the dentist for a bleaching session or using a home teeth whitening kit.

The Theory Behind Turmeric Teeth Whitening

So, what led to people trying turmeric teeth whitening? Turmeric has been used to treat a wide variety of medical conditions in South Asia for hundreds of years. It is used to combat fatigue and pain management, as well as address breathing and respiratory issues.

Even today, it has many uses as a natural supplement. Turmeric has been used to fight everything from cancer and liver issues, to reducing arthritis and inflammation. It’s one of the most popular natural ingredients for a wide variety of health and wellness solutions. Turmeric powder is also used to create a paste to treat a wide variety of skin conditions.

You more than likely have heard of turmeric as an ingredient, especially in anything with curry, as it’s a major part of curry powder. Aside from being a spice, it’s main active component, curcuminoids, are used in many products. Its bright yellow color is popular with many food and cosmetic items.

Why is Turmeric a Popular Natural Supplement?

There has been a lot of research done on turmeric’s use for a large number of health conditions. Many studies have been done that look into curcuminoids ability to help reduce inflammation. When it’s all said and done, there is little evidence that turmeric is the miracle ingredient many claim.

The majority of studies show that the curcuminoids in turmeric might:

  • Lower the number of heart attacks bypass patients have post surgery
  • Reduce knee pain from osteoarthritis as well as common over the counter pain medications
  • Reduce skin irritation after radiation treatments for cancer
  • Be effective as an ingredient in mouthwash to reduce plaque

That last point is one of the reasons that turmeric teeth whitening became a thing. Reducing plaque ultimately leads to less staining, or “yellowing” of the teeth. While turmeric isn’t going to remove current staining, it can help prevent future staining.

It’s more of a natural preventative measure rather than an actual teeth whitening method. This is the case with many of the natural remedies such as banana peel teeth whitening. They might help prevent plaque from building up, but they will not remove years of staining nor actually whiten teeth.

DIY Turmeric Teeth Whitening Toothpaste Recipe


  • 4 tsp organic turmeric powder
  • 3 tsp coconut oil
  • 2 tsp xylitol
  • 1 tsp peppermint oil for flavor (optional)
  • A new toothbrush. (Buy a cheap toothbrush since it will become stained)

How it works:

  • Mix the turmeric powder with a little water to create paste
  • Brush your teeth as you normally would using the paste instead of traditional toothpaste
  • Let the turmeric stay on your teeth for 5 to 10 minutes
  • Rinse your mouth removing all turmeric and then brush your teeth with traditional toothpaste

Make sure to remove all of the turmeric paste from your teeth and gums. Rinse several times to ensure it is all gone. If you leave any on your teeth or gums it will lead to yellow staining.

turmeric teeth whitening
Image by Pexels

Is Turmeric Teeth Whitening Safe?

Turmeric as a natural ingredient is safe. Some people are against using chemicals and they want an all natural solution. They can either use a teeth whitening app to make their teeth appear white in pictures or try turmeric teeth whitening to naturally improve their smile.

Turmeric can be taken both orally as a supplement or applied to the skin (or teeth) in a paste form. It’s an all natural ingredient and completely safe. However, it’s important to mention that taking a large amount of turmeric for a prolonged period of time could lead to some gastrointestinal issues.

Using turmeric on your teeth is safe, but does it work to whiten your teeth like some claim? The short answer is no.

Turmeric Teeth Whitening Will Not Deliver the Results You Want

Finding a home remedy that is both natural and works would be ideal, right? It sounds great, but in the end it’s the results that matter. Turmeric teeth whitening just doesn’t work as many claim. Using it on your teeth is not going to remove old stains and leave your teeth looking whiter.

What turmeric will do is help prevent plaque from building up on the teeth. Plaque is responsible for staining and yellow teeth. So, by incorporating turmeric into an oral care routine, yes, it can help keep your teeth white by blocking plaque build up. But it’s not going to improve the whiteness of your teeth.

In order to remove years of staining caused by coffee, wine, cigarettes, etc., you need to use a powerful peroxide-based chemical formula, designed specifically to break down and remove these stains.

The Best Option for White Teeth

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